Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A few nights before Kris and I got married, he and his buddy Brandon (who I love to death) stayed up all night finishing a song that Brandon sang at our reception. It was a suprise for me and I loved it.

Here we are, almost two years later, the baby is sleeping in the other room and Kris and Brandon are playing the song in the living room right now trying to remember all the lyrics - we lost the paper :( I'm just soaking it in. Not sure why listening to it makes my throat hurt. Time goes by so fast. I found a pic the photographer took while Brandon was playing the song (above).

Here's what we remember so far...

"We're two and two, me and you, walking side by side...through the blue lights...feel like I'm five again, I'm alive again...can't wait to see what comes next, when i'm with you."

"You caught me by suprise with those big brown eyes and i know most of the time, i dont deserve you. Cuz you make me feel like i could be the man i always knew i could be, you belive in me and heaven knows that i need you"

"With liberty and love we make a single vow in God's good grace so hold on tight and we'll jump this face of foot in front of the last."

If we ever figure it all out we'll record it and maybe I'll put it on here. Life gets too busy. So many to-do's. So many stresses and worries. Always working towards something or saving up or making plans for this and that. ALWAYS overbooked. It's nice to just sit back and remember the important things. Just soak in all the feelings I had that day.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cutie Pootie

I realize I'm way behind on new pics of the baby. I have so many on my little camera but whenever I want to post I can't seem to find it, so I pulled these off of Kris's photog blog

I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY! His big smile in the bath (he loves taking a bath) just seriously fills me with joy. And that POUTY FACE IN THE GRASS. HAHA! Kills me. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such a funny, sweet, darling little son.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The New Face of Turtle Shells

That face melts my heart. The new "face" of our (Cheryl and my) new company. And I got to hear how cute it was from buyers all over the world all week in Vegas! You know I was loving that. Hahaha.

So, yes, Cheryl and I and our hubbys and babies went to an expo in Las Vegas to launch our new company. Yes, I've been busy, busy these days. I'm excited to talk more about it but the website is temporary and still needs some tweaks. I actually cropped the banner to take out some info until we're ready. In the meantime, it's just something to wet your whistle ;)

Be back with more in a few days...