Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two kids under Two

Is not easy....

It would be easier if Acid Reflux had not hit our home again. The infamous GERD. Poor Charlie. It seems like everyone and their mother thinks their kid has acid reflux. And since 10% of babies DO, I guess everyone and 1/10 their mother really does...

My kids have moderate to severe acid reflux - meaning, they will STOP eating because of the pain and I will be squirting food into their mouths with a syringe. It's really sad. With Tofer I didn't have it all figured out for two months. With Charlie, I was on it the first week. Sadly, Charlie also refuses to nurse. I had high hopes for him in the hospital but that all went to crap when he stopped eating. Oh well. You do what you can.

The birth story....well, I was grumpy going into the hospital. Hahaha. I suppose knowing what I was getting into, took some of the anticipation out and replaced it with dread. Haha. I got there around 9am. They broke my water at 1 and around 7:30 I pushed for 30 minutes and out came Charlie at 8PM. Since he was face up (back labor) my back was totally hurting, even with an epidural. I was totally irrational because of the whole "being in labor" thing and was convinced that the anesthesiologist had somehow pinched a nerve in my back. Hahahaha. It was an annoying pain but not totally unbearable. Kris posted some pics of the whole birth story on his photog blog: .

Charlie came out with dark hair. He is so very darling. Love him. When they laid him on my chest, I got emotional. I just knew I was going to have two boys first. Charlie has been waiting to come down and join the family. For months I before he was born I just kept thinking of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. I think I will point them to those examples often while they are growing up.

Tofer is adjusting pretty well. That was the haredest part for me the first few days. I would look at Tofer and cry, thinking he was sad or worried. I just love him so much. I can't stand thinking he is sad. The first few days were weird for him but he's doing really well now and the days where Charlie sleeps a lot, things are almost normal for him. Too bad I'm not sleeping a lot....

Charlie wakes up around 10ish, 1ish, and 4ish. The 4-ish one, he doesn't like to go back to sleep immediately so I'm up for a good hour or so and then Tofer wakes up at seven and I've got to be rearin to go! Ugh.

Charlie is a crier. Poor baby is probably in pain but man, Tofer had this raspy, soft little cry and Charlie shreaks like you wouldn't believe. LOUD. This little man is gonna tell you when something is wrong.

My mom was hear for 10 days (life saver) and now Kris's parents are coming on Wed for two weeks (and his sis and her fam for a week) and then my parents are coming for a week again so I'll have a lot of help around here for his first two months of life (thank goodness). Mostly so I can sleep and play with Tofer. This post probably makes no sense since I'm so tired. This morning I was trying to put a sippy cup lid on the milk carton and totally not understanding why it wasn't working out for me. That just about explains my state right now. Sleep will come again....and if it doesn't, I already told Kris I'm going to hire a night nanny a few nights a week to help me...this is not a joke :)

Enjoy your sleep.