Monday, July 28, 2008

I don't know how.... but it happened....

I didn't believe it either until i saw the ultrasound below... Looks like a boy to me! :) -Kris

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Great Mystery

This post is not earth-shattering but I really just wanted to send this out into the void. It is a great mystery to me how I can buy elastic hair thingys every few months and keep running out of them. Where do they go? Is there a hair gnome under my bed? I just can't figure it out. Somewhere there are literally hundreds of my hair bands, but they aren't in my bedroom or bathroom or kitchen or ANYWHERE around here when I need one. I'm perplexed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Trip of a Lifetime Report

What an awesome trip! We have so so many pics that we couldn't put them all on here but we put about 50 on Facebook if you want to check there. Here is a quick rundown...

A pic on our drive from Vancouver Airport up to Whistler. We were so excited!
To ride down the mountain at Whistler you have to use a downhill bike and wear full armor. I really can't describe how awesome it was. We rode up the lifts and flew down the mountain on the different trails. One of the coolest things I have ever done! And I was one of the few girls up there so I felt especially cool. HAHA! Oh yea, and I didn't fall off. Amazing. Ha! Kris was flying over jumps. It was incredible.
Here is our Bed and Breakfast in Victoria. Loved the fireplace, loved the whirlpool bathtub, love the innkeepers with the British accents and amazing food.
When in Rome. We rode all over Victoria speaking to eachother in British accents and making eachother laugh our heads off. It was hilarious. Kris learned a phrase he now loves and kept saying to everyone. When you want to take a look or peek your head in somewhere they will say, "May I take a snoop?" Kris ran around saying this to people the whole trip.
He just looks so rustic and handsome :) My very own Robert Redford. We drove across Vancouver Island to Telegraph Cove where our Kayaking excursion began.
I'm reviewing the map to see where we want to go and what route would be best.
The water taxi dropped us off at a secluded island in the middle of Johnstone Straight. Not a person in sight.
So we hiked around until we found this AWESOME camping spot! Isn't that incredible?
Kayaking on glass. It was so peaceful. Like we were the only people on earth. We saw tons of bald eagles, dolphins, fish, etc etc
When we wanted a lunch break we would park at a little island, put up the hammock and eat. It was so much fun.
And we both would read our books. I love that Kris loves to read too.

When we made it back to Telegraph Cove there were people waiting to board whale watching boats. It felt like a grand arrival with people lining the docks. Haha. A few even took pics of us!

It was just an amazing trip full of such fun, crazy, romantic memories. Something about going far away and being completely alone with nature - leaving our jobs and "lives" behind just puts things into perspective. We really felt like we learned a lot and even came back a little bit changed, a lot more bonded. I can't really describe it but it was great and I love his guts :)
Trip of a Lifetime #2 is in the works for later this Fall...

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Old Adage Still Stands

We are BACK and safe and sound. Next post I'll give a quick update. We had a BLAST!

Today I will just say love is blind, my friends. We all have our bad days and after two weeks of being on the road, a week of camping, and then getting in at one in the morning last night after four hours of sleep, two planes, and 11 hours of driving I was NOT NOT NOT looking my best or even half of my best on a bad day.

You can imagine my suprise when Kris looked at me this morning, got that soft/cute look on his face and told me I looked beautiful. I think he's finally crossed over to the blind stage. At least for today.

Very cute.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It seems I have been doing a lot more of this lately (including last night at the Tamarancho trail in No Cal).

There are probably a number of reasons for this...but none of them add up to me being an incredibly awesome mountain biker.