Saturday, March 20, 2010

So long Corporate America, you've been good to me

Six years in Corporate America. Five of those years working from home for HP. When I was hired I asked my manager if they cared where I lived since I worked from home. Her response, "You can live on the moon as long as you have an internet connection."

Can you say DREAM JOB!

I haven't talked about my job on the blog at all and now that I'm moving on to full-time motherhood I wanted to give a little shout out to HP, for being an amazing place to work full of wonderful people. Granted, all the downsizing and restructuring have killed a bit of the fun but man, I used to pinch myself all the time, I felt so lucky. HP you'll always have a bit of my heart. Don't change too much.


  1. Creating and giving a communications training to a team in Bangalore, India and Singapore with one of my favorite friends and old BYU roomies who was also a co-worker of mine
  2. Hotel shopping for a conference I organized in New York City. This meant traveling there several times and being spoiled sick by the Westin Times Square, The Roosevelt, The Waldorf-Astoria and the Essex House - all in an effort to win our favor
  3. Presenting at a few of the many many worldwide webcasts I produced every few months
  4. An absolutely pointless and fabulous team meeting trip to Munich, Germany
  5. A week in Acapulco, Mexico (hotel hunting for another conference) where I swam with dolphins and got a lovely sunburn sitting with my laptop by the pool
  6. Getting a one-way ticket to Houston because they needed my help so much...and staying for 17 days. I ate EVERYTHING on the Sheraton's room service menu and got a zillion starwood points
  7. Working on my laptop while getting a pedicure
  8. Traveling so much I would often forget which airport I was at
  9. SPA trips and amazing hotels! The Ritz-Carlton in Singapore, the Leela Palace in Bangalore and a myriad of Starwood favorites.
  10. I could go on forever. Thanks Marie, Pat, Emil, Katie and the million other people that made HP such a wonderful place to work and helped me appreciate the finer things in life (haha, Kris is ever so grateful :)
And now....the best adventure yet! Full-time, stay-at-home Mom. Something feels so great about typing that.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy One Year!

On February 21st Tofer turned one year old!

Tofer's latest:
  1. He loves pushing around his walker, his own stroller and anything else that moves if he pushes hard enough
  2. Watching "Anne of Green Gables" (potentially mother-inspired - haha)
  3. Trying to run
  4. Going outside
  5. Wrestling with Dad
  6. Sucking on pennies and trying to hide it from Mom
  7. Toilets - watching anything go down the toilet, trying to splash in the toilet when mom is not looking, trying to put things in the toilet, flushing the toilet.....
  8. Taking showers
  9. Playing magnets on the fridge
  10. Holding Mom :)
  11. Kids, he really likes kids...time for a brother?
  12. He says: Mom, Dadadadada, Nana (for banana) and Aaaahma (for Grandma)
  13. He has never liked baby food. He loves english muffins with raisins and bananas
  14. First steps at 10 months, he is now trying to run and it's hilarious
  15. And he just loves to do whatever we are doing - sanding, sweeping, drawing, typing....he is a great little worker and the cutest kid alive :)

We had a little party for his bday with some buddies but he was overwhelmed and cried most of the time :( Ha. Poor little guy. Alas, he pulled through and by the end was in fine form.