Sunday, December 28, 2008


Recent comments include things like..."Oh wow, you really look pregnant now" or "Woah, you're huge!" Yes, I had to explain to one of my guy friends the other day that while I may be able to handle it gracefully (ahem), it's probably best to leave the word HUGE out of any sentence used to describe a woman. :)

Here are a few pics from our little photoshoot the other day. To see more, hope on our new photography blog.

P.S. Christmas was perfect. Loved it. Will discuss in more detail when I'm not falling asleep typing. Nite!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


  1. Getting married last December
  2. Honeymooning in Hawaii
  3. Living right next to the beach in California
  4. Traveling all over the place: Victoria and Whistler, Canada, Mexico, Santa Barbara, Virginia, Texas, San Francisco, Catalina Island, Oregon, bla bla bla
  5. Deciding to continue traveling for a few years to "live it up" before kids
  6. Making awesome Europe and Egypt travel plans
  7. Being humbled and getting pregnant five months later
  8. Cancelling trips and saving for a house
  9. Kris getting his sailing license
  10. Cathy learning how to cook
  11. Sailing a lot and cooking alot...together
  12. Mountain biking a lot...together (pre-pregnancy)
  13. Working on Passing Prop 8 and succeeding!
  14. Working with CP80 to help protect kids from internet pornography
  15. Working a lot at work
  16. Taking way too many pictures of beautiful weddings...together
  17. Playing a lot...together
  18. Laughing, crying, bla bla bla

We hope 2009 is just as wonderful! And look forward to Baby Sundberg wreaking havoc and taking over the place in February.

Love to you all! And most of all, gratitude to our Savior for His perfect life, love, and example. We "stand all amazed", all the time.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I know, I know. It's been a while. Maybe it's the two short months til the baby, maybe it's trying to find a place to live, getting ready for maternity leave with my boss, becoming more and more immobile (Kris has to tie my shoes now), or just plain old laziness but I've been a slacker about posting. Sorry!

I've had requests for prego pics. I ALMOST put a pic of my big old naked stomach right on here, but I remember as a child how traumatic it was to see the bare stomachs of pregnant women on the beach so I figured maybe I'll spare you all.

And just FYI - this pic hides how big I am, but just so you know I am growing at an increasingly alarming rate. I gained six pounds this month. I have two months to go and I'm quite frankly not sure where this baby is going to GO! Last night at the Christmas devotional he kept doing something way up high in my Kris pushed down on my stomach to try to alleviate the pain and the baby kicked him. Haha. Funny.

Ok pic time. So here I am, on our one year anniversary. This is the most recent prego pic I could find on our hard drive. I promise I'll have Kris do a full on photo shoot and get some more up here. I'm slightly embarrassed because it looks like I'm striking a pose. Blame it on Kris. Also, if it looks like I don't have a zit in the middle of my forehead it's because I removed it. No wrinkles? Very soft light. It's nice being married to a photographer.