Monday, February 22, 2010


So...let's talk about Valentines Day.

We both forgot it. How is that even possible? I'll tell you. We suck. That's how it's possible.

We went on a camping trip for President's Day weekend with our buddies Jared and Vanessa. For a month we've been talking about the "President's Day weekend camp trip". Valentines never made it in the title. When we got to Morro Bay we realized it was also V-day weekend. Ha. But what better thing to do than a weekend getaway with our friends, right? I'm still slightly bitter but will probably buy something to make myself feel better :)

Truthfully, it was an awesome weekend. The documentation begins.

Here's the group! This was our V-Day hike. It was so beautiful.

Tofer looks like Aunt Jemima.

We bought a bike seat from REI on the way out. He LOVED it. What a trooper. He missed so many naps on this trip but stayed happy the whole time.

Here he is riding with Uncle Jared, AKA, the Godfather

Me and Tof in Morro Bay. Don't mind the three days of not showering.

I love this pic. He was so happy to play with Dad all weekend.

On the way home we stopped at a little pizza place in Santa Barbara. No shirt, no shoes, no business, right? But who would turn away that face? Kills me.

A great weekend.