Friday, August 29, 2008

Sunbeams Again

Well, the sunbeams are at it again :) They are so funny.

During sharing time one of the girls (Karis) asked Kris how Jesus died. Kris was trying to be quiet and drew her a picture while he explained. Later on when we were in our own little class Karis announced, "Jesus died on the cross-walk". Oh boy.

This past week we were teaching while we fed them yogurt covered raisens, since food seems to be the secret to keeping three year old's under control (yes, my children are going to be obese). While we were talking one of the boys decided to stick the raisens up his nose. So I went into my story about my sister sticking watermelon seeds in her ear, getting them stuck, and having to go to the doctor (yes, my children will be obese AND paranoid). He reluctantly removed the raisen from his nose.

At this point I should have taken it from him like a good teacher would have done but I was very curious about his next move.

He looked at the raisen for a moment and then non-chalantly popped it in his mouth. Hahaha. One of the little girls said, "That's DISGUSTING" - hahaha, yeah sure is, SICK! We got a good laugh out of that - even though things REALLY make me more queezy than normal these days ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marriage Musts

As if I'm the wise sage at the top of the mountain with the secret of life. Yes, I've been married for only 9 months HOWEVER these have been good for me.

  1. The Kitty - Every month we have an automatic withdrawal from our joint account set to send some money into two separate "kitty" accounts - one for him and one for me. This is just "me" money. So, at the end of the day, he never has to feel irritated about the random things I want to buy at any given moment or a nice dinner out with the girls.
  2. On that note: Girl's night out. Tonight we went for sushi (precooked rolls for prego me). Something about going out and doing your own thing once a week, a day, a month or whenever you get the chance is just good. And I always miss him when I do :)

Monday, August 18, 2008


What exactly does an "assistant photographer" do? Well, I help pose the shots and use flashes or reflectors to fill in light when there are shadows. Sometimes I block out light when it's too harsh. I do a lot of talking since I can't help myself. I apologize for my husband when he sticks his foot in his mouth (which happens about once a shoot) e.g.,

Kris: Great pose. You guys look good together.
Guy: That's sick man, she's my niece.

I also carry stuff around, help scout out the locations, help photoshop the pics, and I even act as a second photographer. So I may not have Kris's natural talent but I've taken a few good ones.

All in all, I'm just kind of an intern...again. Even though I already did that in New York City a hundred years ago for John Stossel at ABC News. Somehow, this pic of me holding one flash and wearing three pairs of sunglasses on my head (props) during the shoot reminded me of the good old days with John when he had me go feed his parking meter.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pregnancy Things

  1. I ate a whole bottle of green olives in one day
  2. I'm craving things with tomato sauce - salsa, spaghetti, pizza, etc.
  3. Baby doesn't like red meat as much - but at least I can walk through the meat section in the grocery store now without gagging
  4. I have vivid dreams
  5. Extra hormones? I locked Kris out of the house the other day when he was irritating me (he had to climb through the kitchen window to get back in) Thankfully I married someone really patient with a fabulous sense of humor...
  6. I'm big enough to look like I have a gut but small enough that no one would dare ask...hahaha. So funny.
  7. I always want to drink juice. Last week orange. This week grape.
  8. I think I'm feeling more sentimental in general
  9. I'm really not liking onions lately
  10. I heard the heartbeat today. Very cool. Hard to believe there is actually a little person in there!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Limited Vocabulary

I usually love living in Huntington Beach - so many perks, so close to the beach, such perfect weather. We sleep with the window open every night to feel the ocean breeze (and without air conditioning, you just kind of have to!) Unfortunately, I have LOST COUNT of how many times we've been woken up in a DEAD sleep to someone screaming some version or another of the f-word as they walk, skate, drive, or bike by our window.

Waking up two nights ago to some drunk mess of a person wretching outside of my window was the high point.
Classy people, really classy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cause for concern?

On our fourth or fifth date Kris and I went into a "Gene Machine" photobooth to see what our posterity would look like if we got married.

Needless to say, if I were a little more superficial, this may have been our last date. Ahem, does anyone else have children that look like gremlins? Just checking...

Should we be concerned?

And the suprises just keep coming...

We are about 13-ish weeks along! We went to the Doctor for an ultrasound and our shock doubled as she turned the screen to us and there was a REAL baby in there! She said, "Yes, you are farther along than you thought..." Woah...

Life will always surprise you :) And despite the shock, we feel really blessed, excited, and humbled...very, very humbled.

Here we introduce to you, the next Sundberg (and first in our family) to come to planet earth! Our little "it" has been said to be a boy by predictions of various friends - one of which has a 100% success record. We shall see. But isn't "it" adorable? :)

P.S. If you want your husband to suddenly think you are gorgeous even when you look hideous....pregnancy is a great way to go :) Hence, that whole "love is blind" post from a few weeks ago...HaHa! Makes a lot of sense now. I have to be honest, his actual words were..."You look gorgeous, you're glowing" and my FIRST thought was, "Oh boy, I must be pregnant". And here we are.