Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tree House Conference

Last year Kris went to a treehouse conference.

Yes, my husband flew up to Oregon to meet with some of the most "interesting" characters in this country and learned how to build treehouses.


This summer we are taking a big roadtrip to Vancouver, Canada. On the way up he wants to stop over at the Redwood Forest to introduce me to something he learned at that conference...


I can't decide if I'm Wendy, Tinkerbell, or a mix of the two but I definitely married Peter Pan. How lucky am I?


Jenn: Clazzy Lady-licious said...

Cath-e-licious...yeah! love your blog! let's for sure stay in touch...let me know if you hit up the right coast anytime soon :)

xo - your nyc jenn

JenJ said...

LOVING your blog Cath! That will be such a cool road trip up to Canada!!

Jill Geigle said...

You are curtenly
married to Peter Pan,but I think Kris is way better.

Briana Walker said...

I think you're the teddy bear that Michael is holding because you're so dang cute and cuddly.

Dana said...

I love your pictures and the music is great. what a very fun couple and great photographic team.

kris&cathy said...


You're so awesome. Kris loved your message. We CAN'T WAIT to hang out in Oregon with you in July. Kris will bring his drum and a few other fun things for you guys to try!!