Monday, July 14, 2008

The Old Adage Still Stands

We are BACK and safe and sound. Next post I'll give a quick update. We had a BLAST!

Today I will just say love is blind, my friends. We all have our bad days and after two weeks of being on the road, a week of camping, and then getting in at one in the morning last night after four hours of sleep, two planes, and 11 hours of driving I was NOT NOT NOT looking my best or even half of my best on a bad day.

You can imagine my suprise when Kris looked at me this morning, got that soft/cute look on his face and told me I looked beautiful. I think he's finally crossed over to the blind stage. At least for today.

Very cute.


ramsam said...

Somedays I take an hour just doing make-up, and look at MIke sure he'll comment... his answer is a blank "what?".

Other days I am mad and storming around and he has a sly grin on his face.... "you're so cute" he might say.... or " you're kind of funny".... how can a girl resist that?

Face it.... you found 'the one'.

JenJ said...

It is so fun to see you guys so happy.