Thursday, July 9, 2009

San Fran

I don't imagine things...

When we went to San Francisco people kept staring at us. Why? Because we are uncommonly goodlooking and have magnetic personalities? HA! No, the baby. I swear he was the only baby in that entire city, well that corner of the city anyway. It wasn't a tourist spot.

It was strange and it was almost like he wasn't welcome...(something about depleting the earth's natural resources, im sure - ha). To make sure I wasn't imagining things, because I'm really not dramatic that way, we even verified this information with some of Kris's coworkers the next day. They laughed that we noticed, agreed, and said all their friends move out of the city when they have kids.

I had a very profound experience that night, most of which I will keep to my journal but I WILL say, our little son was full of light, a shining beacon on a hill in a place that didn't really want him there. I felt such love in my little family. Such a power in this union. The "rightness" was tangible. Not only could I feel it, but as I made eye contact with the on-lookers, I could actually see it in their eyes. They were affected. How can I ever really explain it? I can't but it was so profound to me, I will never forget it.

We loved our trip. We really love San Francisco. Such an amazing place. It was the beginning of two two-week voyage. Baby's first vacation. He did AWESOME! Here are some pics.

The classic ones, naturally.

We went all over sightseeing, to restaurants, the city, etc. We've been here several times so we tried to explore Marin County a little more (the place where mountain biking was basically created). We even went mountain biking! First time since the baby! I took a pic on my phone I'll put up when I figure out how.

Father and son outing. Kris took Tofer out for a few hours one night to an awesome building next to our hotel that he wanted to see.


Janelle said...

What an interesting and cool experience. Who would have thought that a baby could affect people like that. But I am sure that they can see his light in that city of sin.

La Esposa said...

OH..... How I'm LOVING all the pictures with baby and mama and papa.

You look gorgeous Cathy.

Kyle and I wanted to go to Frisco for our 1 yr. ann. but it's probably more of a sweet dream than anything else.

In other words, I'm jealous =)