Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

I used to blog.

And then Baby Jayce came along and I just wanted to watch that blog. And then he passed away and I cried and didn't want to blog at all because it just made me sad. And then I started getting headaches and weird cravings (I ate 1.5 bags of mini Twix in one week- I KID YOU NOT) and I woke up at night hungry and was really really tired all the time...yea. So for a few days I was SUPER paranoid that I was pregnant which I'm NOT. Thankfully.

Then Kris went out of town and I freaked myself into thinking someone had come in the house, moved something to unobstruct the hallway that leads to my room (hahah yes i really got myself to believe this), that they unlocked the back door and opened the back gate and were waiting for me to fall asleep so they could attack me...sooooooo I couldn't sleep. 3 am bedtime followed by 4,5, and 7 wake ups and a million escape route scenarios. Yes, call me paranoid. Whatever.

Then I just felt too overwhelmed and busy to blog. So I'm making this post.

P.S. The baby is doing great. In fact, he is the most darling, wonderful, happy, funny little creature I have ever met. Pics and videos to come shortly. Promise.

P.S.S. I am NOT blonde but thanks for those of you who were encouraging. Haha. Wigs are fun! Today I pick Kris up at the airport again and I think I'm going for the secretary look this time. Dark wavy hair and glasses.


La Esposa said...

I'm glad to see the "robbers" didn't get you; but hope you're sleeping better these days.

I TOTALLY thought you were blonde lol.

And I hope you take pictures of the secretary look. =)

Wendle said...

It was a wig?!?! Ha ha ha! Classic. It's amazing how good you look blond and brunette.

Kali said...

BTW I totally thought that blonde wig was real... I am a dork. You pulled it off! I had to show Ryan. But just so you know... brunettes have more fun...I am going back dark. Mainly cuz it is cheaper. ha ha. (I am starting a new chapter of cheapness.)
And I can relate to your paranoia... I was alone most of June. In the woods of AK. Where a lot of weirdos hide out. I heard things. I thought I was going to die a few times. I called my sister a few times at 2am and kept her on the phone...