Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Worst Anniversary Ever

Besides the fact that I haven't slept for about two weeks (took Tofer off the reflux meds to see if he's ok without them and he stopped sleeping for a week so we put him back on...THEN two days later he got sick so he hasn't been sleeping this week either) we also had to move out of our rental yesterday. Yesterday being December 1st, our two year anniversary. Awesome.

Since the house doesn't close til the end of the month but we had to move out, we are homeless. Thanks to our dear friends the Pobsts, we have a place to sleep. Kris and I spent all day packing and moving stuff to a storage unit and feeling sick. We are all sick, the three of us.

We also spent the entire day fighting.

Last year for our anniversary we went to the St Regis resort in Dana Point for the weekend. The memory of that made this year suck even worse (if that's humanly possible).

This morning we felt bad for being such wrecks and our conversation went something like this:

Cathy: I'm feeling remorseful for being such a brat to you yesterday.
Kris: Yea, me too.
Cathy: Do you love me less now?
Kris: No. Do you?
Cathy: No
Kris: But I sure don't love you more!
*long pause*

I like how Kris makes me like him. Dude, yesterday sucked so this is NOT a warm fuzzy post, just get that straight...but in an effort to be repentant I will say, I do appreciate how he makes me like him even when I really don't want to.

Happy Crappiversary Dear.


Emily said...

Seeing as how you've only had two anniversaries, and that last year was so amazing, this one was bound to be at least a little bit of a let down, right? Sure, it didn't have to suck, but that will make next year seem even better!

p.s. I was at a baby shower this evening and the conversation turned to college fun with awesome roommates, and I smiled and laughed just thinking of all the fun we had. Sometimes it seems like it was a hundred years ago, but it loved it! Love you!

Kali said...

Maybe this wasn't meant to be funny but I laughed. A lot. :) Maybe its because I know Kris. Maybe its because our first fight was when he helped me move once. I was worried about stuff getting broken. He wanted to stack the boxes (and I quote) "artistically". Haha. Maybe its because I can relate all too well with Ryan and I. Either way I imagine you will look back on your 2nd anniversary and laugh till your tummy hurts when you are older. And you will somehow treasure the moment. Thanks for sharing. :) You are great.

Can't wait to see pics of the house! I am soooo excited for you guys. As we rent, I am reminded daily, how nice it would be to own my own house. There are so many things I would like to fix up but I can't stomach spending money I don't have improving someone else' investment. You are going to have so much fun fixing up your own place!

Tara said...

Thanks for the honesty! I am getting sick of everyones blogs being peppy and nothing can go wrong with them! BREATH OF FRESH AIR! We all fight regardless of what day it is! We had a Valentine's day where I was 6 months prego and we had a blowout! Welcome to reality!

stacey said...

Thanks for making me laugh :] I can always count on you for a pick-me-up...too bad it was at your expense this time ;] love ya!