Monday, January 18, 2010

The Happys and the Sads

I'm not sure I've ever gone over a month without posting. Just goes to show how crazy life has been. Too many things to discuss so I will just say we are living in our house! It's a major work in progress. We basically live at Home Depot and I spend my days chasing Tofer around the construction zone so he doesn't kill himself. We have some great before and after pics I'll post tonight. Recessed lighting in the kitchen today. Woohoo!

News of the past month:
  1. Christmas at "Sunny Acres" - post to come
  2. Tofer's first steps
  3. Miscarriage at 9 weeks :( - it was sad but I'm ok. More time is good. Life is too crazy right now.
  4. Moving into the house is a biggie
  5. So many friends who have helped us along the way. I LOVE YOU ALL!
  6. Two of my girlfriends are dating pro-sports players (ok, they would get mad at that statement so I'll say....they are being "befriended" by them. HELLO!)
  7. Tofer's musical debut - post to come
Life has been so good. Living out of boxes is tricky though. I haven't been the most pleasant wife on the planet.... Found my blowdryer after TWO WEEKS of living here. You can imagine how beautiful I've been looking... We still haven't unpacked most of our stuff because we are finishing floors and walls, etc etc etc. But I love the house! More posts to come!!! Heres's Tof in the construction zone! Seriously, he's the love of our lives.


Janelle said...

So sorry about the miscarriage, I wish I could give you a hug. I am glad you got the house and are making it your own. I hate living out of boxes. Hope it all comes together soon. He really is such a cutie.

Michelle O. said...

Love getting personal over the internet, I too had a miscarriage two weeks ago. Actually I went in for my 12 week appt. and it stopped growing at 8. So, I had to have surgery. But all is well now. Life still keeps on going .Tofer is a doll by the way! Must be fun to see your house being reformed:)

Becca LeSueur said...

I was wondering if you had fallen off the planet. I'm glad things are moving along. . . boxes aren't the funnest, but it means progress. And I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. One of mine was at 10 weeks. Sounds like you're handling it well though. And who cares about a blow dryer! You're beautiful regardless.

andrea.roche said...

It's about dang time.

ugh. miscarriage. I don't want to ever do that. that sucks. glad you're feeling okay.

topher is walking? wow. Treyson is a loser! haha.

JenJ said...

SO cute! What a cute kid! LOTS going on over there. Can't wait to see you!!