Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Truth about Bangs

If you have a friend that is trying to convince you to cut bangs, she probably doesn't like you.

  1. You actually have to DO your hair to look decent.

  2. If it's hot, bangs make your forehead sweat which makes your bangs wet. Wet bangs = not cute.

  3. When you are doing your hair, somehow long hairs always get caught in the short hairs and tickle your face.

  4. If the wind blows, you may or may not look ridiculous. Hopefully you will be able to see yourself in a store window or mirror. If not, OH WELL!

  5. Sometimes bangs want to kink or twist or part in weird places and there's not much you can do about it.

  6. You thought aerosol was a thing of the past UNTIL you cut bangs.

  7. You can't just roll over in the morning and have that cute beachy/messy hair look like grown out bangs give you.

  8. Morning bangs = Punky Brewster

Sometimes they ALMOST look cute if you get a pair of scissors and cut them a little only to find they look even worse the next day.

To be fair, I HAVE experienced one positive thing about them since CUTTING BANGS ON SATURDAY...

  1. When you are relaxing in the hammock and a bird poops on your head, your bangs keep the poop from touching your face. True story.


Becca LeSueur said...

So, where's the picture? And did a bird REALLY poop on your head? That's hilarious!

Kali said...

Hahahaha I relate very well to this post. I cut bangs when I was 9 mo. pregnant. I hated it most of the time. I am far lower maintenance than bangs. ha! speaking of hair... I have come back to the world of brunette. feels good. and I was just thinking of you and P90X. Then I saw your comment! Wahoo. I. am. ready! :) Let me know if you want to official start sooner than Monday. AND if you want to we can throw some wager down to make it fun. Heaven knows I need every motivation I can get. HA!

P.S. Love that a bird pooped on your bangs... lol.:)

Tara said...

Haven't had bangs since 1992 and big hair went out the window and no amount of convincing will ever make me have them again. Good luck on the growing out stage.

And PS-get a gun and shoot that bird! SICK

Jamie Johnson-Andrews said...

Great post! I will keep these things in mind next time I am tempted to get bangs! Thank heaven you had the forehead protector when the bird came along though :)

Kali said...

Muffin Tops huh?? Those words gave me a good chuckle as I was trying to visualize what that is supposed to look like... basically I have NO idea. haha. I think I will have to come up with a recipe in your honor.

Wendle said...

Bahahaha. Amazing. I think birds must have a better aim than we give them credit for. No joke, last week one pooped INSIDE my purse while I was outside. Rude.