Monday, May 24, 2010


1) Latest find. I love country kitchens and "Farmhouse" sinks seem to be the thing lately. I love them but even the cheapest ones out there are at least $400. I found the sink below on craigslist. A plumber had one that had a small scratch so they couldn't use it. He had to point it out to me because I COULD NOT even find it. Anyway, point is, check the link. This sink is OVER $2,000. Yes, you read that right. We bought it this week for $300. STILL IN THE BOX.

2) Another good one. I was cautious about getting a used couch. Kinda grosses me out so it took me three MONTHS to find this one from a couple in Irvine that just bought a $1.5 million dollar house and didn't have use for it anymore. No pets, one baby. Since Tofer is going to ransack the furniture anyway I was OK getting this $2,800 down-filled sectional from them for $700.

3)Last one "for today" We were not going to buy a new toilet for the downstairs, even though it's kinda old. But then we saw this Duravit on craigslist. This toilet is $579 dollars. We got it for $80. Why? Girl's Dad is a contractor and it needed extra caulking because of a small drip. Rather than caulk it, they got a brand new one. Now it's ours.

So, here's the deal. It requires patience, some practical sense (because yes, there are scammers on there and maybe even total weirdos, but I look for specific things from specific people so I've never had trouble YET) and then it also takes some more...patience.

Just something to think about next time you want to buy a new couch that your kids are just going to wipe their dirty hands on. Take a look at craigslist, trust me, you'll be glad you did...

P.S. Oh and the list goes on if you are interested....crate and barrel table and chairs, pottery barn crib, pottery barn train table with rolling shelves, Z-Gallerie leather recliner, West Elm arm chair, Rock Star Baby stroller....I could keep going. The best part is, I spent what you may have spent at Target and if I get sick of this stuff, since most are "brands"people like, I could probably sell it all again!


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Emily said...

That's pretty impressive. It probably helps a little that you are surrounded by people who are ridiculously wealthy and like really nice things and who like them to be nearly new all the time. Yeah, St. Louis isn't quite the same!