Monday, November 8, 2010


I look like barf in this picture. But I am 7 months pregnant and had rolled out of bed to go to a photoshoot with Kris at a fun place in San Juan Capistrano so I had "yesterday's" know what? Who cares...blablabla

The point is, Tofer looks so grown up to me in this picture! He's a little boy now! Ugh. When did that happen? I keep telling myself he's not even two yet but he sure doesn't look like a baby anymore does he?

Not only that, he's just such a good looking kid! I love that little face. Perfection.

Who knew it could come out of such an opposite blend of parents!

P.S. Go ahead, click click, get a closer look. So cute, huh?


Kali said...

He IS adorable! And guess what!? CAN NOT believe you are 7 mo. pregnant! You look more than great. btw -- it is fun to see your face. Not enough pics of you (or Tof for that matter) on your blog. Actually, not enough posts lately AT ALL:)

JenJ said...

Hi beautiful sis!!! Tofer DOES look so grown up. My Noah, his twin cousin, is still a baldy and looks like my baby. But it is funny because I call him babe sometimes and the other day he comes struttin and in said, "hi babe" to me. :) crack up!!!

Andrea said...


Can't believe you are already so far along. What are u going to name the new babe? Agree with Kali. U have been non existant!

Michelle and Stephen Olson said...

ok, I want to see pregnant pictures of you! You are hiding your stomach! Oh, and you are beautiful, and have "the glow"!

Brian/Heather Norton said...

You're right he is turning into a little boy now, especially when you get a closer look like you said. :) I miss that little kid, he's such a little cutey. It will be a fun day when I get my boy, lets hope I do. Well we miss you guys. Sometime when school isn't so busy and the weddings slow down a little we need to get together again. Hope all is well. -B

Jamie Johnson-Andrews said...

That's the best looking barf I've ever seen..and believe me I've seen my fair share lol. You look great!