Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blogging Revival

Back in all my raucous glory.

So last night Charlie slept for 8 hours straight. From 7pm ish to 3ish and then again until 7. I think I am officially back on the map.

Let's just say....I don't do well on sleep deprivation. But now the reflux meds have kicked in and he's eating great and getting chubby cheeks and smiles a TON. He is so cute. He's been smiling since 6 weeks. He laughs in his sleep too. Very very cute. I can tell he is going to be hilarious the way he watches me and Tofer play and tries to laugh about it. I just lug him around with us.

We play in the sandbox and I bring his little (obnoxiously expensive bjorn bouncy chair that is supposed to be good for reflux - yes im a sucker) chair and he watches. He still lets us know what he wants and has bad days where he won't sleep too much and cry a lot but on the whole he's doing GREAT.

I'm one of those people that can multitask anything but life. If something is wrong, I become totally absorbed in it. When he was sick and the meds weren't kicking in yet, I was just stressed and sad and couldn't NOT think about it.

SO LIFE IS GOOD! Tofer is doing great too. He totally cracks me up. He is the social butterfly of the neighborhood. Yesterday we had like 8 kids come over to play. They are all way older....but they always want to play and he LOVES it. So cute. Anyway, I'm back and happy to be back. I need to print this darn thing so I don't lose it.

P.S. Isn't he so cute?


Janelle Day said...

I wanna see more pictures ;) I am glad that you are getting some of your sanity back. I hope he continues to sleep well!

Established Feb 2, 2007 said...

Ok, he looks just like Tofer did doesn't he???

Tara said...

He is adorable and a remix of Tofer! You'll get the multitasking down soon enough. Love those cheeks!!

Kali said...

I am with Janelle. More pics!! I know you know how to work that camera;)

And can I just say Yippee!! You are back! More importantly you are finally getting sleep!! So happy to hear it!!

Cathy said...

Thanks guys!!! I will post more pics this weekend!!

ramsam said...

Love the pic! He is adorable. I love to think of you sitting in the sandbox and playing with the boys.
Connley is getting his learners permit this week....yikes.
Where dowse the time go?