Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sad Truth.

When you live in a tiny one bedroom apartment three blocks from the beach...well, it's heaven for a newlywed, right? Definitely.

Kris has tried to convince me that the baby can just sleep in the ottoman or laundry basket and we can stay put (an opinion which has put him on baby planning restriction until further notice -jk).

So where do we go? Do we stay on the beach and rent a bigger place? Do we buy since the market is dropping? If so, where do we buy? Visiting my parents in Texas this weekend (blog post to come) was great but reminded us once again of the sad reality of California real estate.

Just a quick example to illustrate.

Austin, Texas area : $529,900

Huntington Beach, CA: $574,900

Not much else to say about that...


diana said...

I think it would be safe for me to say, "I know EXACTLY how you feel."

andrea.roche said...

MOVE TO TEXAS. As a midwest girl, I love that place. Plus, let's be honest, Cali is having some issues. This whole prop. 8 thing has me freaked out.

Janelle said...

Are you serious? Can you really get a house like that in CA for 500K, that is RIDICULOUS! Texas isn't looking so bad after that.

nina said...

that is so funny and so true! it's somewhat like utah and virginia. go figure why we're wanting/planning to move.

Brian/Heather Norton said...

Doesn't that just make you sick? I say we pack our bags and get out of this place. I'm trying to get Heather to agree but having a hard time. Maybe if I show her this blog post, she'll come to an agreement with me. We do have the best weather in the world and live right next to the beach though and that's what we pay for. Sometimes I think its worth it.