Monday, September 8, 2008

Defending my honor

Well, Kris decided to take matters into his own hands (see old post "Limited Vocabulary"). Sooo....he came home from work last week with a suprise for me.

Behold the Pumpmaster 760 (bb gun).

Love that man.


Christensen's said...

Brandon keeps saying he wants to buy a gun. Should I be nervous?

kris and cathy said...

Haha - well, it's a bbgun so it won't do much damage but I thought it was hilarious :) Yea, I'm not sure I want a "real" gun in my house. Maybe if the world starts falling apart.

JenJ said...

HA! :) I think that is SO funny of Kris. Dustin is going to be so proud of him.

andrea.roche said...

YEA!!!!! Another boy! It's weird...everyone I know that had babies the past year had it's an influx of men! I'll warn u tho, I can't find cute boy clothes as often as girls'. Every boy piece has a dinosaur or truck on it...and I just don't do dinosaurs or trucks. haha. Maybe I'm a mean mom. Anyway. CONGRATS.
Also, ya totally creepy with that lady reading my blog. I'm thinking I'm going to have to go private. Turns out that she even grew up in my best friend's ward. (Prob how she tracked me down)