Monday, November 17, 2008


The photog business. Well, after we almost died with six weddings in August we decided to scale down a little bit for our own sanity. We now try to average just two a month. It keeps it fun and interesting. And as always, I'm a vital part of the team...ahem.

Yes, that's me sitting on a bench with the reflector shading my head from the REALLY hot sun, while Kris was busting his butt taking pictures. I'm sure he appreciated the thumbs up. Incredibly helpful these days. It's true.

Kris, however, is better than ever. I can say in my VERY biased position as wife that he is the best wedding photographer I know. I can also say, in my unbiased position as "assistant" that he is the best wedding photographer that I know.


diana said...

You are one cute 'lil pregnant chick. Love the bump.

JenJ said...

Yes, Cathy, your hair is looking so pretty too!!!

andrea.roche said...

Your recent picture has really caused my self esteem to suffer. Seriously. Why haven't your thighs grown like mine.....?/?

I'm done whining. :)

Those fire pics are SCARY.

Janelle said...

You are a too cute pregnant woman! Kris didn't take those fire pictures did he, that would be a scary job. I personally would stick to weddings cuz there is a lot less risk :)

ramsam said...

cathy- you are such a cute little expantant mommy! I am so glad you guys are busy and happy. It is nice to see you!

ramsam said...

please....I know how to spell


...ummm, I think

Salt H2O said...

Kathy- I've never met you but I feel like I have, I'm Wieda's old roomate- Kory and I have to say you are one of those pregnant people that I hate! Could you be any cuter?

Man, I look like a refrigerator with feet.