Monday, January 19, 2009

Crossing that line

The infamous "they" (no one really knows who they are, it's apparently just common knowledge) say in the final weeks of pregnancy you are SO SO uncomfortable that the horrific fear of giving birth is replaced by the anxiety to get the baby out.

I have to be honest. I didn't buy it. Not until the past few days.

I still have almost three weeks to go and the past few days I've been so uncomfortable. Stomach hurting, braxton hicks, exhaustion, major back pain, lack of sleep. During church I couldn't sit still, trying to find a comfortable position. A lady came up to me after and said, "You must be having a serious case of braxton hicks". Glad to know I'm that pathetic and obvious about being uncomfortable. Haha.

So for all those who have asked, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. I'm not tortured yet. That may be coming soon. Although I have lost the desire to cook, clean, or really do anything but lay around and be lazy.

And on that note...tomorrow is my last day of work before maternity leave, my doctor appointment that should clarify how far along I am, and my baby shower. It'll be a good day!


Emily said...

Oh, I remember those last weeks and days so well. As hard as it may seem to do so, try to savor the time you have left as just the two of you, everything will be different once this little guy comes into the picture. It's a good thing, but you'll never get that 'Cath and Kris' time back again. You guys have done a good job of really living it up, but just savor these last weeks together. A dramatic, and completely wonderful change is coming your way.

And oh yeah, eat all the ice cream you want.

Rogue River Journeys said...

I saw your photo of the Kern River (Royal Flush) and of Ashland, OR. Both of these places are wonderful! Sometime you should check out the Rogue River, it's in Southern Oregon really close to Ashland.

Rogue River Rafting Trips

Janelle said...

Love the comic. Yeah it is cruel irony that the last weeks before the baby gets out you can't sleep. What you really need to be doing is building up your sleep supply for when Jr arrives and can't sleep through the night. Too cruel. Good luck in the final stretch.

JenJ said...

I feel your pain! :( HA!
Funny Rogue River comment....random that you've been there.

Anyway, you can do it!!! And then the next time around it is easier. Love you Cath!

andrea.roche said...

If you beat me to having this child, I'll seriously stop reading your blog....

haha jk. U are so close!