Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Stud

Forgive me for the historical use of the word "stud" and for this slightly "high-schoolish" post.

Last night I got to sit in a huge, comfy candlelit leather booth and watch my husband "jam out" to the blues on his drum at "The Mint" in LA where musical icons such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Natalie Cole have played.


Kris has a friend, Shaun Barrowes (http://shaunbarrowes.blogspot.com/) who is an extremely talented musician. He was on American Idol last season and now he's working on a few theme songs for movies in Hollywood. He plays at jazz clubs around LA and Orange County in his spare time and asks Kris to be his drummer for some of these gigs.

I have to admit - so what if I'm hugely pregnant, waddling around, unable to sit in one position for more than five seconds - I felt pretty cool when he came right off the stage to my booth to give his big ole pregnant wife a big ole kiss when he was finished playing.

So a shout out to my studly husband who makes me feel cool even when I'm an invalid.

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Michelle said...

you don't give yourself enough credit... You're the hottest thing a- round you know. You've got the best excuse around... you're pregnant. Sounds like a very fun night though.