Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dear Husband

Dear husband chartered a sailboat with "The Pelican Army" (AKA - group of buddies he has down here who came up with this boy club) and is sailing from Newport Beach to Catalina Island for the weekend.

Dear husband left me with a list of to-do's to take care of while he is gone on vacation playing Peter Pan. Ahem - Pay bills, sell car, take other car to the shop, mail pics to photog clients...

Dear wife was not amused.

P.S. To make myself feel better I'm scheduling a hair appointment for next week. Cut and dye. Seriously, I look like a rat and I couldn't stop thinking about it after that last post. And since he left the house a mess when he departed, I may just have to get a massage too for my poor muscles that spent all weekend cleaning it ;)

P.P.S. He's lucky he's so good looking.


andrea.roche said...

husbands suck.

Protection is in full force.
I will not be bearing anymore children in the next year.......

knock on wood.

seriously tho, I want more. Trey is really an easy baby so that thought isn't frightening to me. I don't want them to be too far apart.

Then, i look at my naked body and quickly refute all 2nd child ideas.

Janelle said...

Men can be so inconsiderate. At least this is the first unthoughtful thing he has done, right? :) He sure is a kid at heart. Hope you enjoy your hair cut and massage ;)

Tricia said...

We are ALL allowed our moments!

It's hard being the mom because you can't take off for the weekend (especially if you have a baby stuck to you.... literally:))

Pamper yourself!!! No guilt..... you deserve it!!!

Brian/Heather Norton said...

Lol! This is too funny! I read it out loud to Brian when I saw it. I'm sure Brian would have left me and Avery home if he didn't have a photog job that weekend. Husbands have it pretty easy, I'd say. But you gotta love em.
Great picture!
We still need to get together to make those Woof ems!

Tara said...

OOOOO-He better plan a little sumpin' sumpin' for you when he gets back from man week.

andrea.roche said...

Come back to blogging life.