Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh how life changes...

Before Marriage

  1. Monthly Spa Trips
  2. Anthropologie/BCBG Shopping Sprees
  3. $100 hair cuts
  4. Handbags: Prada
  5. Shoes: Lanvin

After Marriage

  1. Massage from Kris
  2. Shopping, what's that? Oh, you mean the grocery store?
  3. I actually cut my OWN hair last time
  4. Handbags: Rrright
  5. Shoes: Wearing the old ones

You could say my life has changed a bit :) Kris's fault? Actually, no. We set aside money every month for each of us in our "kitty account" to use at will. When we first got married I plowed through it, but I started using it less and less and after a year I gave it up entirely. It all goes to the house fund now.

So maybe my life isn't as glamorous but if I really wanted that stuff, I'd get it. Somehow it's just not as enticing. Interesting....


Janelle said...

Life sure does change with marriage and then it changes even more when the kids come around. Kind of cool how these changes also change our priorities.

andrea.roche said...

You can still get what u want. U just have to find creative ways to make it happen. I have a ton of pottery barn in my house (my favorite). BUT I got it all at YARD SALES!!!