Friday, October 23, 2009


Just in case you didn't catch THAT FACE!


  1. Taking a bath
  2. Making loud noises
  3. Crawling everywhere
  4. Pulling himself up on everything
  5. When I bite his side
  6. Squealing
  7. Pulling Dad's hair
  8. Pounding on piano
  9. Playing toy drum
  10. Reading books with Mom
  11. Eating toilet paper, pears, and sweet potatoes
  12. Being cuddly when he wakes up
  13. Listening to Mom sing

Does NOT like

  1. Getting his diaper changed (it's a true acrobatic event trying to pin him down)
  2. His carseat
  3. The Blue Man (post explanation coming)
  4. Sitting in the grass
  5. Being confined in any way, shape, or form and sadly this includes the exercauser (he used to love it)

I can't believe he is 8 months old already. We LOOOOOVVVEEE him. Cute little Tofer man.


Michelle and Stephen Olson said...

Not to freak you out, but when I saw your post, I got teary eyed and a little emotional, thinking about Emmett, who as you know turned eight months on Sep 25th. Your little guy is absolutely adorable. I'm sure you are loving and appreciating every minute with him.
love ya. Michelle.

Mil said...

Our little guy hated grass too when he was little, I thought that was soo weird, I guess he is not alone. Our little girl is already 9 months, isn't it crazy how big they get soo fast? We will have to have Tofer and her date someday, let us know if you ever make it out east.