Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wife of the Year

Surprisingly, I have never mentioned on the blog that we have been a ONE CAR FAMILY since we bought our house - almost a year.

When we sold my car I told Kris the one car thing would last a month.... So, we made a deal. We would save up and the longer I waited, the better car I would get. This was GREAT motivation for me. There were STARS in my eyes - a Lexus RX350, fully loaded. Let the saving begin!!

Well, I picked the car out and was going to buy it last week (AMAZING CAR, a few years old and really not much more expensive than any other mid-sized suv when it comes down to it - but felt like driving in a cloud...amamamamazing).

Turns out, I couldn't sleep the night before. I didn't need that kind of car. I was being impractical."Why on earth am I buying this car when we are trying to renovate a house?" So, I told Kris to get a sedan since they are so much cheaper, and I would use the money we saved to fix up the house as much as possible. In the meantime, we can keep our old beat up suv a while longer until we really need a new one.

I've had contractors here all week. I am very excited. It is a good decision. But a hard one since I'd been waiting so long and was so excited to buy the darn thing. And Kris was so cute to be excited for me to get it too. I just couldn't pull the trigger. I even cried, dangit. But it felt good to make the right decision.

Well, Kris has been haggling all night at a dealership. Looks like he finally won. This is the car he is currently buying at 11 pm tonight.

It is a Nissan Altima Hybrid. It is a 2007 with ONLY 10k miles on it. Crazy. Anyway, he negotiated with them to put in navigation and blue tooth AND take off about $3k more from their best price. Then somehow he get's them to finance it for 0.9% for the life of the loan. He's been there sine 8:00! He must get his negotiation skills from me ;). We finally have another car. And no worries. My day will come. I'll probably end up in a mini-van and that's ok with me :)

The end.


Andrea said...

oh so proud. You made the right decision. And, it's a really nice car even if it's not a lexxus! I am getting a minivan. SICK!

Briana Walker said...

Congrats on the new purchase. That is a killer deal. I sold cars while I lived in Arizona and coming in toward the end of the month at night is the best time to come in to get a killer deal. Way to hold your ground Kris.

Tara said...

Lexus' are overrated! I have a great white mini van and it is great. We also have a Nissan Altima and we love it. Congrats on the new car-we were a one car couple (prior to kids) for 5 years!!!!

Kali said...

I would have taken the Lexus! Ok, the fact that I have a toyota corolla in my driveway might express otherwise... but I still dream about a lexus. Way to be strong! Now someday when I am about to sign on that dream your practicalness is going to come back and haunt me:) JK I am impressed and it goes up on the board as another reason why I like you so much:)

Christensen's said...

So not a car person, but I've had this experience on other things when I've been sick about something I've had gotten the green light on and just can't do it! Sacrifice is giving up something for the greater good and you have done should have added it to your "happy choices" because this will make you happier in the end! Proud of you!