Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Choices are....

  1. Refinancing a rental property from a 6% interest rate and 30 years down to a 4.25% interest rate and 15 years WITH the mortgage only going up $150 a month. Love that we can now plan on rental payoffs when Kris is only 45.
  2. Getting epoxy garage floors so I can move all the boxes out of every room of our house and back into the garage in an organized fashion
  3. Baby sign language videos and watching Tofer SIGN in his sleep. Not kidding. So cute.
  4. New windows and doors to replace the circa 82 windows
  5. Making homemade pizza for FHE and watching Tofer roll the dough with a pin and sprinkle with cheese (the chunks he doesn't eat first)
  6. Watching General Conference - having a living Prophet on the earth
  7. Paying for things with cash when you can so you don't let the temptation of "EVERYTHING NOW" spiral you into debt (minus house/car etc - i wish)
  8. Hugs
  9. Saying prayers as a family and watching your 1.5 year old bow his head and fold his arms.
  10. Making cupcakes for the neighbors kids


Andrea said...

A rental property, a house AND a new car....with everything in cash?

Holy shiz. I'm telling my husband to get into the photography business!

Cathy said...

Ha! Heck no! I wish... Not the big things.

Kris didnt want to finance the car at all but it would have taken FOREVER to get one so we had to negotiate :)

More like remodeling stuff and that type of thing. It really teaches restraint to pay for things in cash. I would have loved to move in and take out a loan to finish everything at once but that would have been horrible debt so we go on slowly slowly slowly :) Been good for me.

Kali said...

Ok. First you are sweet. professional no, but I am REALLY good at stealing other people's ideas.:)
I would throw you a shower in a heartbeat. When can I come??;) I think that is so stinkin' funny that Tof signs in his sleep. Seriously cracks me up. I had a roommate who would speak german in her sleep, LOUDLY. I was like 'you have got to be kinding me'. Signing in your sleep is much less obtrusive... so cute.:)