Friday, August 29, 2008

Sunbeams Again

Well, the sunbeams are at it again :) They are so funny.

During sharing time one of the girls (Karis) asked Kris how Jesus died. Kris was trying to be quiet and drew her a picture while he explained. Later on when we were in our own little class Karis announced, "Jesus died on the cross-walk". Oh boy.

This past week we were teaching while we fed them yogurt covered raisens, since food seems to be the secret to keeping three year old's under control (yes, my children are going to be obese). While we were talking one of the boys decided to stick the raisens up his nose. So I went into my story about my sister sticking watermelon seeds in her ear, getting them stuck, and having to go to the doctor (yes, my children will be obese AND paranoid). He reluctantly removed the raisen from his nose.

At this point I should have taken it from him like a good teacher would have done but I was very curious about his next move.

He looked at the raisen for a moment and then non-chalantly popped it in his mouth. Hahaha. One of the little girls said, "That's DISGUSTING" - hahaha, yeah sure is, SICK! We got a good laugh out of that - even though things REALLY make me more queezy than normal these days ;)


Janelle said...

Great stories. I am surprised the girls were so grossed out by eating the raisin, I guess Camille is still 3 so she is still "allowed" to eat her buggars. I'm glad you feed your sunbeams and I hope Camille's teacher will too.

Sislers said...

Oh, how I hated that "morning" sickness feeling. Mine was 24/7...yuck!!

And I just know my baby's going to be a chunker because I feed him when he just wants to go to sleep. Oh well, I'm learning :D

JenJ said...

SO funny!
Sunbeams totally need food at that age. Great work!!
What I am surprised about is that the kid didn't just go ahead and try to stick it in his ear and thank you for the idea!!!!!
You guys are probably such cute teachers for these kids and I can just see this sweet little person going home to tell the family just how Jesus did die for us. :)