Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm confused.

Anti-Prop 8 campaigns label those who support Prop 8 as discriminatory and their token slogan is "stop spreading hate".

Strangely, as I've been helping support the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign the past few weeks I've run into more "hate" than I've ever before felt -more foul language, more hysteria, more rage than imaginable.

This Saturday from Long Beach to San Clemente hundreds of people peacefully lined PCH holding signs and showing their support for Prop 8. One of those people got jumped on his way back to his car. Spreading hate? Who is spreading the hate in this campaign?

For the record, it's OK for me to LOVE gay people while at the SAME TIME believe that the homosexual lifestyle is immoral. That is my opinion. It doesn't make me hateful. It doesn't make me a bigot. It doesn't make me close minded. I think taking drugs is wrong. I think incest is wrong. I think a lot of things are wrong and I don't want someone teaching my children (school or society) that they are right.

I am allowed to disagree with someone else's lifestyle choices as they are allowed to disagree with me being LDS and my lifestyle choices. Many, many, many people have in my past and will continue to do so (I went to high school in the Bible belt, for crying out loud).

I should be allowed to stand up for what I believe in without being discriminated against. As I feel like I'm a sympathetic person who truly tries to love other people, it was a hard day for me to feel so much hate for standing up for what I believe and then being labeled hateful. Ironic.

Side note: For every raging, hysterical person we saw that day, there were ten supporters. I was buoyed up by their cheers and honks and waves.


Janelle said...

Thanks for that point of view, I think you expressed how I feel perfectly. Good for you guys to be out there making a difference. I am glad that over all the nice guys out number the loud rude ones.

my rebel took over said...

Cathy, I'm a friend of Kris's from High School, and love your blog!

Just wanted to say that I couldn't agree with you more! I don't live in California, (still in the great state of New Jersey), but I was avidly nodding my head through that whole post!

JenJ said...

Well said, and remember, you are standing with giants when you stand up for what is right.

Wendle said...

So glad I went with you and got to see you this weekend!!

I started writing a little something about Prop 8 on the plane ride home. Someone really was jumped on the way back on Sat? Is he ok?

Kristen said...

I agree. btw I love reading your blog.

Colette said...

Hey! Loved your ability to word your feelings so well. I have been following Prop 8 very closely as Oregon is right behind whatever happens in California. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Thanks for standing for the right!