Friday, October 17, 2008

What do you use?

I feel like I've used EVERY product for your face that you can imagine and I'm always on the hunt for good stuff.

Every now and then I find a total winner and hold onto it, which means now I have a COMPLETELY random mix of things that I like to use for this or that. Here are a few of my favorites. Tell me YOURS!

  • Cetaphil Daily Cleanser - I've had at least two esteticians tell me they can tell when someone uses this cleanser because their skin is so smooth (ahem, pre-pregnancy, I should say). Best part? $8 - not kidding.
  • Laura Mercier, Secret Finish - Put a TINY bit on your fingers and tap under your eyes/on your cheekbones when you've finished with the whole makeup routine. Gives you that great "Julia Roberts dewy look".

  • Lancome Definicils Mascara - Have used it for years. Love it. Can't find anything better.

  • Bobbi Brown, All Over Bronzing Gel SPF 15 - Gives your face color without smelling like nasty self-tanning lotion or ruining your face in the sun
  • Philosophy, Hope in a Tube - Eye cream you can use after you wash your face and before you put on any makeup. I actually really like the sets you can buy from them too with their peels etc. "Make-Up Optional Kit" or "The Miracle Worker". I think the set was one of "Oprah's Favorite Things" a few years ago.

  • Now tell me YOURS!


    JenJ said...

    Thanks Cathy!
    I have been wondering about some of your beauty secrets!!! I sadly do not have any to share....but now I will. ;)

    Briana Walker said...

    i am a cetaphil girl all the way. i have recommended it to many people too.

    StephenOlsonFamily said...

    I am in love with my face products! THey are way expensive, but I get them for 60 percent or more off of ebay. My skin went from blah to beautiful. Honestly, the lines around my eyes are diminishing (6 months using this product), and my pores have shrunk! It's Nutrimin C RE 9 (set of 7) Maybe I'll try the cetephil when I can't afford the other stuff!