Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well, tomorrow is my "official" due date. Seems like this cute little guy is just campin' out. No progress. No dilation, nothing :) Ah well, he likes to camp like his Dad, I guess. Not a bad little tent he has and I've been eating all kinds of fun things so I hope he's enjoying it in there :)

As for me, I am surviving. Kris is fun and I can tell he's getting anxious. Yesterday he came home early from work and suprised me with clues hidden around the house and park. A little scavenger hunt that ended with two huge boxes of diapers for the baby and him hiding in the closet. It was hilarious and scared the crap out of me.
And even though I'm starting to get puffy now - oh yes, ankles and face and everything, he still manages to make me feel beautiful. Amazing, considering my state.

In those rare moments when he "messes up" I am quick to remind him of the beauty of my fatness, crankiness and puffiness :)

P.S. Who says you can't have fun at the VERY bitter end? Haha. This is me, warming up for my next shot. Ping pong and yea, he killed me. All four games.

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StephenOlsonFamily said...

Glad to know you're still alive! Thinking of you!!!!

andrea.roche said...

hang in there. waiting was the worst part of pregnancy for me....but the ending was awesome.

JenJ said...

LOVE the ping pong warm up, classic!!!!
Let's make up a new due date, how about February 13th??? Then if he comes early, you can be so excited! ::)))

Kristen said...

you two are adorable. I hope the baby comes soon!

stacey said...

If you didn't get puffy until now, you are amazing :] It must be all that ping pong!