Monday, February 9, 2009


So Kris has been trying to negotiate with the baby, being that we are now 1 day past our due date.

Apparently the baby has no interest in extravagant gifts.


StephenOlsonFamily said...

My sister in law went 4 days over, and my other sister in law went 1 week to the day over. The baby must be too comfortable in there. Eat spicy food tonight, get a little romantic with your husband (I know, it seems awkward when you have a beach ball in front of you), and maybe take a walk. I did all of those things within hours of Kyle's birth! Good luck! The baby will come when he's ready, it's just a grueling wait. Is your mom coming to take care of all of you?

Christensen's said...

Cath-you have to let us know as soon as you have news!!! I've had a box on my dresser to send to you for almost a month now! Maybe if I put it in the mail you'll have this baby! I can't imagine your doctor making you go TOO far past due??? Your much more patient than me...I always beg to be induced. Enjoy the will never be the same! I'm so excited for you!!!

andrea.roche said...

again. i say - worst part of pregnancy. and don't listen to anyone. Nothing works. Not even sex. Actually...something does work...I went 4-wheeling with Trevor and went into labor that night. It was really uncomfortable tho.

StephenOlsonFamily said...

Nothing works? sounds like a 4 wheeler ride worked for you. Good luck Cathy, Love ya.

The B's said...

Hey I am so glad that you came over the other night. I just met a neighbor who lives in the apartments by me and she just had her first baby 6 weeks ago. You should meet her.

Hopefully by now you have had the baby. Call me if you ever need anything!