Friday, March 27, 2009


Tofer and his buddies. Yep, that's him in the middle. Not sleeping peacefully, like his friends. No, no - he was alive and lively. Likes to know what's goin on. And he had to be removed from the photoshoot early, due to a crying spell.
In fact, yesterday I was talking to the pediatrician about his schedule which goes something like this: sleep, eat, cry (occasional alert moments of peace intermingled). So he has a lot of gas.
I was told in so many words that some babies with gas cry a lot and some don't AND because my baby cries a lot he is, in essence, rotten. And then he blamed his genes. Hello. Ha!
My baby is darling, thank you very much.
P.S. My mother informed me that he actually isn't bad at all because he is always consolable (which is true, we just have to bounce him or distract him, etc.) But it does seem like we spend a lot of time trying to console him :) So tell me. What is normal????


Anonymous said...

im just a blog stalker. i enjoy your humor and your cute family. :)

is he perhaps colicky and not gassy?

have you tried white noise? i.e.-running the vaccum, hair dryer, putting him in the laundry room and turning on the dryer...ive seen it work wonders on some of the fussiest babies.

a few books i also recommend--happiest baby on the block and the baby whisperer. both also have techniques and ideas that seem to work wonders.

andrea.roche said...

Random idea. Treyson LOVES his cradle swing. Have u tried that?

And normal is not a word associated in ANY way with babies. In my opinion.

Janelle said...

I think that there is no "normal" when it comes to newborns. They are all too different to say what is normal and what isn't. Have you tried those medicine gas drops, they kind of help, sometimes. I hope that his gas goes away soon.

Christensen's said...

With all three kids, it took three different remedies...they're just all different! But white noise (bathroom fan) and baby swing seemed to be a common denominator.
I, too, LOVED the book The Baby Whisperer. It really helped when Bailey was a newborn. To this day I boast that she is such a great sleeper and I owe my thanks to the author of that book!
The worst one was Riley when I discovered that my over-indulgent chocolate addiction was causing her gas. I knew I had to give it up or deal with her being miserable. She got over it eventually...KIDDING, I gave up the chocolate,...(most times). It might be something you're eating, too. Dairy, chocolate, spicy foods, could be anything. Good luck! He sure is adorable! Wish I could see him in person. SOON?