Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love too Much?

Is it possible to love someone too much? When he has a good day it's like a big burst of sunlight that fills me up. When he has a bad day it's like my world falls apart. I need to learn how to change that. How do you do this? Someone tell me. I need to learn. Seriously. It's disruptive to life, marriage, everything.

So, my pediatrician (who I think I'm going to fire) is out of town so another Dr. called me back and I told him my shpeal and all little Tofer's symptoms - including the poor little guy reeking of acid all the time and he didn't even question me, gave me a prescription for Zantac. So, I guess I was right. Anyone have experience with Zantac?? TALK to me.

Before putting a five week old baby on meds I want to exhaust other avenues so I'm trying Soy Formula in case he has an allergy to milk protein. If it doesn't work I'll try one that doesn't have the soy or the milk protein (apparently they are usually allergic to both, if one). If that doesn't work I'll probably take the meds so he doesn't end up with surgery from the acid burning his esophagus, like some babies. Ugh. I hate that he hurts.

Tonight he gets a blessing from Dad. It isn't fair for life to suck so bad for such a little guy. And can you believe that face? It makes me want to cry just looking at it. He's so stinkin cute. Love this baby.

P.S. Breastmilk is the goal. Dr gave me prescription meds to build that up too. I hate meds. I'm trying to decide if I should take it or not. I want to get him on total breastmilk!!

P.P.S. The Cranial Sacral Therapist was actually very interesting and he came home relaxed and happy. Slept for like 5.5 hours which is a big deal over here.


Jinii said...

I am so sorry to hear about your little guys acid reflux. Addyson has it too and I have to say that the medicine has made all the difference. Addyson hated the Zantec and would throw it up every time we gave it to her so my pediatrician put her on baby prevacid and it has made all the difference. The prevacid is a disolvable pill that we just slip under her tongue. I also have to say that if you do not like your pediatrician then find another one. I think it makes a huge difference to have someone you like.

Tara said...

I work for a pediatrician and I asked one that I work with-he said Zantec or Prevacid is what should be used too. IT's all good. You're a good mom-hope you get sleep soon!

andrea.roche said...

Poor poor Topher I wish I knew something to help you, but I'm clueless on many of these baby issues as I'm learning.

I do know how u feel when u see him hurting. it's ridiculous. Is he still not sleeping? Do u have help?

Be grateful you're not in the hospital. It could always be worse. That's what I kept telling myself and continue to tell myself as I'm on house arrest once more. We're praying for little Topher. seriously. we are.

Janelle said...

He is such a cutie. I am glad this other Dr was smart enough to realize what was really happening. Camille was on reflux meds, but wouldn't take them, but maybe they taste better now. Good luck and you know I would definitely use the meds if it is going to help him.

StephenOlsonFamily said...

FENUGREEK, FENUGREEK, FENUGREEK.... You will have milk coming out of your ears;) Trust me. Me and my sister-in-law were cows ready to be milked after a few days;) Too descriptive? Have you taken dairy out of your diet?

StephenOlsonFamily said...


StephenOlsonFamily said...

OH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!