Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy One Month, Mr. T

Kristofer David Sundberg

Little Tofer (or Mr. T, as Kris affectionately likes to call him) turned one month today.
Holy cow, I survived a month of this. Week one and two were so hard and then I started getting more used to sleep deprivation and nursing stopped feeling like someone was sticking pins in me - seriously.
Well, a few days ago he decided to sleep until 2:30 and then wake up every hour and cry at almost every waking moment (painful gas). Ugh. Very sad. And really overwhelming. I literally sat there from 2:30 am on, and watched the sun come up just holding him and trying to help him feel better (for three days in a row). Gave me LOTS of time for internet research on the subject.

Turms out, switching to more gentle formula and using Dr. Browns bottles made all the difference in the world! He is sleeping soundly again and he is so much happier. Aaah life is good again :)

Today he smiled at me. Cutest thing I have EVER seen.

P.S. Nursing continues to be a project. I got rid of the ridiculous tubes and decided to nurse, supplement with formula (in a bottle), and pump. You can't imagine my joy when I pumped three measly ounces. The things that excite me these days... Goal is to feed him breastmilk every day, whatever I can give.


StephenOlsonFamily said...

I've never been able to pump more than three ounces Cathy, and he was over 17 pounds at 3 months. Pumping is so not natural, necessary sometimes, but not natural! Hate it! He's a cutie. OH, and the number one cause of colic is usually cow's milk in the mommy's diet. Gas drops were my best friend with my kids. You can give it to them up to twelve times a day if necessary!

thesvancaras said...

ittle Lily is two weeks old. I hate nursing!!! she wont latch well so I have been pumping like crazy.. it is nerve wracking not knowing if I will have enought to feed her each time she needs to eat! She is eating 4 ounces already! MY GOSH CHILD SLOW DOWN! I know what you mean having to pump and wash everything and try to get her to latch and its 2am and your doing diches and they are screaming bloody murder and bla bla bla! Im trying not to give up its tough! good luck!

JenJ said...

Happy one month!!!
You know if they are getting enough if they have diapers and if they gain weight. I think if you have him nurse first at every feeding you should be just fine. Then give him a bottle if he still wants more.

JenJ said...

Love the outfit !!:)
Where di you get that cute quilt he is laying on??

andrea.roche said...

good job. Do what you can. When you can. We use Dr. Browns bottles too and now Trey won't take anything else. FYI, Treyson had HORRIBLE gas right at 4-6 weeks. It's eased up a little. A friend told me it's bc their digestive system is really forming at that time?? Either way. It was awful. Just remember...everything passes. You go from one challenge to another. Right now, Trey is so sick with a horrible cough and I'm terrified of RSV. He won't nurse (just when we were getting good) so I'm pumping like mad.
About pumping and your "3 ounces." That's honestly not bad. I use a single electric and get about 3 ounces per boob per pump. I was less 3 weeks ago (where you are) I find I pump better first thing in the morning and at night (when trey's usually hungriest). Try that? Also, I saw a huge difference when I didn't eat or drink enough. Go out and eat a few burgers.

And like someone told me, they aren't going to die from not eating a ton. Your body is amazing and will catch up with T. There are still days, my milk lags and i'm trying to catch up.

andrea.roche said...

Hey. I meant to tell you. A lot of people swear by gas drops, but for Treyson, it made things worse. It clears up bubbles in the upper intestine, but sometimes pushes them to the large intestine. This is more painful. Didn't work for us. I have heard some people reccommend gripe water...but haven't tried it. it IS more natural.
Hey, have you thought about immunizations at all? I know you're in Cali and they give a ridiculous amount there.

Sislers said...

He is just absolutely adorable!! Congrats again on a cute little boy.
Oh - and this was like reading my past...I did the same thing with nursing...gave whatever I could, then gave formula. It was very thrilling to pump the 4 oz :) keep at it!!

Janelle said...

Who could have ever thought that your life could change so much in one month. I am glad that breast feeding is going better. It is always a "chore" but totally worth it. He is such a cutie. Hope you don't have to have any more all nighters.