Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Vote of the People Stands :)

The ruling was announced this morning. Prop 8 was upheld in courts.


JenJ said...


Tara said...

Right on! Even in Utah, they are going up to the Capital tonight to protest-they need to get over it!

Anonymous said...

We would get over it if it was equal. But it's not and we will fight until it is. If woman didn't fight for their rights they would still be in the kitchen making dinner, popping out babies and not standing up for themselves. If blacks didn't fight for what they wanted and what they thought was equal we wouldn't currently have a black President. Times are changing, we need to accept that not everyone has the same beliefs or opinions but we should at least all be treated equally.

li'l mil said...

This is huge as far as the voice of the people being respected. Our government has gotten so out of control and lost sight of the Constitution that it's refreshing to see a result like this, especially in a liberal state like California.

kris and cathy said...
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kris and cathy said...

Dear "Anonymous" - most Prop 8 supporters do not believe someone's sexual orientation merits being called a civil rights issue. To most of us it is a moral issue. So that's the problem with this whole argument. So that makes it difficult to argue with eachother. It's obviously not wrong to be black or wrong to be a woman but we believe living a homosexual lifestyle is and you don't...so there's not much room
for arguing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kris and Cathy,
"It's obviously not wrong to be black or wrong to be a woman but we believe living a homosexual lifestyle is and you don't...so there's not much room
for arguing."

You're right, it's not wrong to be female or black. But why is it wrong to live a homosexual lifestyle? I don't really think I live a "homosexual" lifestyle. I live a regular life. I'm a tax payer, an elementary school teacher, a sister, a daughter, a dreamer, a college graduate, and a homeowner. So why should I be denied the opportunity to marry the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I don't feel that I rub my personal life in anybody's face, I keep my personal life out of my professional life and live a parallel life to any heterosexual person, with the exception of that I don't have the same rights as you and sometimes feel like a 2nd class citizen.

I feel that your thoughts on living a homosexual lifestyle is a choice. Which I don't believe it is because as happy as I am I would not chose to be hated by so many and disliked and spat upon when walking down the street with my partner. I wouldn't chose to deny myself the right to get married and enjoy the easier lifestyle that straight people seem to get to enjoy.

kris and cathy said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'd love to carry on the conversation if you'd like to send me your email address :)

Thanks for posting!


andrea.roche said...

Hey, I'm still in the kitchen making dinner AND popping out babies. What does that make me?

And, anonymous seems like an educated person with a respectful tone, even though their views differ from yours. WHY must people remain "anonymous" when they post on blogs of people they do not know? OWN UP!

Just my opinion.
In response to your comment, it's just a low key canon digital with a video. I use it the most. We have a fancy Rebel. I can't figure it out. We have a video camera. It's too much of a pain to pull out and use.

andrea.roche said...

PS I struggle with the issues involved in Prop 8 and to be honest, I'm not too educated in the langauge of it.
I do not think we should change the definition of marriage. period. HOWEVER, I do feel everyone should be able to make their own choices to some degree. Educate me people.

*dana* said...

Hi. andrea.roche

"Hey, I'm still in the kitchen making dinner AND popping out babies. What does that make me?"

Fortunate. I think what I was trying to say was that back in the day that was what was expected of women and that is all they would do. Now we have the option to work, stay at home, or a combination of both and all is acceptable.

As far as changing the definition of Marriage, I can agree that maybe changing the definition is over the top. Prop 8 wasn't worded correctly and I think that is what I'm more upset with. I wish there was a way to come up with a word that is of equal importance and acceptable by gays and straights and all that lays between. We are able to file for a domestic partnership but it doesn't offer an equal comparison to "marriage" as far as insurance and tax breaks. For example the last company I worked for offered insurance for myself and my domestic partner, though we haven't actually filed for domestic partnership, not yet anyway. My new company offers insurance to my spouse. Well I don't have a spouse I have a partner! So the wording gets tricky. And I think marriage is so much more than tax breaks and great insurance, but it was an easy example of wanting something for gay people that straight people have!

I also think that Prop 8 gets confusing because it starts bringing in religious beliefs, moral beliefs, is it a choice, is it not etc... it is a topic that needs to be explored more, presented better, and I think a solution to allowing gays to live equal to straight people can eventually be agreed upon.

*PS: you should get on using your Rebel! It's such an awesome camera and you can find some great tutorials online.

Cathy: I can e-mail you my e-mail I don't want to publish it here!

And... sorry I've posted anonymous I didn't realize I could just put my name and not have to have a URL too.

kris and cathy said...

Ok Dana and Andrea, we continue:

Thanks Dana, for being one of the only rational and non-hysterical people I've talked to about this on the other side. Truly. I live in California and it's been ridiculous. So thank you for not using the F word and saying obnoxious offensive, unrelated comments. I am so delighted to talk to you about this. Honestly.

My email is cgeigle@gmail.com feel free to email me and we can continue this. I'll copy Andrea as well and you can invite whoever you like as well. Just please, no haters on my email. I'm so over it.

kris and cathy said...

Hi Dana,

I understand if you don't want me to have your personal info. Since I haven't heard from you I'll just tell you in a VERY condensed version, what I was going to say to you over email.

Basically, in a nutshell, I think it is possible we are all born with tendencies to be a certain way or have certain aptitudes, talents, passions, weaknesses, etc., including being attracted to the same sex. I don't know what plays more of a role, nature or nurture. Probably different for different people, however, I still believe it's wrong to be involved in homosexuality.

Society teaches us to embrace our passions to be true to ourselves. I say control our passions to be true to our divine selves, whatever those passions might be. EVERYONE has things they struggle with in this life. EVERYONE. It's up to us how we choose to deal with them.

All of the above stems from my belief in our purpose of this life - why we are here, where we are going, and our full divine heritage. I'd be happy to elaborate if you like.