Monday, August 9, 2010

Favorite Thing

Right now, my favorite thing on earth is watching Tofer get super excited to play with his Dad. When Kris gets home from work every day, he changes his clothes and then has Dad time with Tofer. You should see how impatient Tofer gets sometimes for him to get changed. It's so cute.

Then when I say, "Wanna go on a bike ride with Dad?" or "Wanna go build blocks with Dad?" or anything "with Dad" you should see how fast those little baby legs go racing to wherever Kris is.

It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Sometimes I even get choked up. Boys love their Dads. There's just something different between them and I like it.

Here are a few Alaska pics of Tof and his favorite buddy.

And one of me and Tof, just for good measure. We all know how much boys love their moms :)

P.S. Kris posted about 150 Alaska pics on facebook, Kris Sundberg "Tofer Goes Into the Wild" in case you want to see! It was a blast. I'll get to that later.


Kali said...

These pics are great. You are adorable. I need to activate my facebook account just so I can see the rest:)

Andrea said...

I want to know why u and my sister in law comment on every single post of one anothers and NOT mine. I am the one who brought you together. losers.


Tara said...

I love your fam-you guys are adorable together and I just wanna squeeze Tofer!