Monday, August 23, 2010

Tofer Through the Ages - Photo Timeline

A few days ago Tofer turned 1.5 years old! I can't believe it. He's grown up so much! We love him more and more every day - if that's even possible!

Here is the "Tofer Timeline" from tummy on. Enjoy.

Getting ready for earth!

One Day Old -Eyes Closed

One Day Old- Eyes Open (his big blue eyes took my breath away)

One Month Old (Don't you just want to squeeze him???)

One and a Half Months Old (Learning how to smile)

Two Months Old (Beyond cute)

Three Months Old (Photoshoot for

Six Months Old (That face kills me- first photoshoot in grass)

Eight Months Old (Arizona trip with college buddies)

First Birthday (A little overwhelming for him but ended in fine form :)

Fifteen Months (Beautiful trail in Irvine)

A Year and a Half (Taking over the Alaska frontier)

1.5 down and a lifetime of adventures to come. We love you, Tofer!


Janelle Day said...

It's crazy how fast they grow. SO hie is in nursery now!!!!! Ahh isn't that heavenly. I am already counting down the 4 months til Spencer goes. I am still waiting to see Alaska pictures, I just know they will be awesome! I didn't realize you took Tofer with you guys, how fun.

diana said...


Kali said...

The professional ones are OF course amazing. In fact it would be criminal if the second one from the bottom isnt blown huge and in your home somewhere. Kris has incredible talent. But, but... I think my fav. is the one where he is wearing the skull beanie. makes me melt. So freakin cute.

Very very good quote. Couldn't agree more with it. Exactly what I was feeling.

Tara said...

He is adorable and I just wanna squeeze his cheeks!