Tuesday, August 31, 2010

True Blue

Kris and I have no BYU memories together :(

Funny enough, he actually moved into - not just the same ward, or complex, or building, or floor, or even apartment...but the SAME ROOM as one of my old boyfriends, when he moved out. Small world, even with over 30,000 students. Ha. But even with that, we never crossed paths (granted, I was also doing an internship in NYC when all that happened but anyway....)

We decided to make some memories. Thursday we are hitting the road for a long weekend to check out the old stomping grounds, visit some friends, and see his sister's new baby. The crazy thing is, I haven't been back for so long I'm more excited to hit up Provo than just about anywhere right now. Ha. Especially now that Fall is starting.

I can STILL feel that old rush of excitement I felt every year with the new school year and the weather cooling, the leaves changing colors, the smell in the air, the mountains, the football games. Ah, I can feel it NOW. Man, I loved BYU.

Can't wait to make some memories with Kris there.

Go cougars.


Andrea said...

Funny. I am trying to get Trevor to do the SAME thing this Fall. I just love BYU. Everything about it. I think i'll forever be having a midlife crisis b/c I want to be 21 and in college forever. Take lots of pics so I can drool...when are u going? Maybe I can convince Trevor!

diana said...

Have fun and please eat at Cafe Rio for me.

Tara said...

HATE BYU but love college days at good ol RICKS COLLEGE!!! WOOHOO!! My niece is going to Ricks next week and I am going with her and am so excited to see it again!

JenJ said...

Cathy!!!! I am right there with you! Lovin BYU!!!! And some of my memories there are with you!!! yay! Have fun!