Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Start spreadin' the news...


Kris had a destination wedding in Atlantic City so we took off for our first trip "sans" baby. I was truly tormented beforehand but things went great and Tofer had a blast with my parents on their ranch in Texas (post to come).

We flew out to New Jersey for the wedding and then went to Kris's hometown and then spent a few days in NYC. This post is all about the Big Apple. Others to come.

New York was a blast. I lived there years ago while doing an internship for John Stossel at ABC News (now he's at Fox). It was so nostalgic and fun. Loved being there with Kris. The trip was a big long four day date. *Sigh*

We begin:

Gotta have the subway shot.

And the Times Square shot.

The famous iced chocolate at the eclectic Serendipitys. Ridiculously long wait but very quirky/cute.

The musicians EVERYWHERE. They were actually quite good.

walking around Central Park with my prego gut...hahaha.

I was too prego and tired for the tandem bike so we opted to be cycled around. They charged an astronomical fee but gave us a huge discount when they saw my big belly and how I was actually contemplating riding a bike myself. Hahaha. It was pretty funny.

Central Park really is so beautiful. A peaceful haven right in the middle of the city.

Kris's "I'm a hard-a, pic". Funny, he ALMOST pulls it off, but we all know the truth.

The ridiculousness of this pic deserves an explanation. I was trying to explain to Kris how HARD it is to actually catch a leaf that is falling from the tree. I don't know why, but I've always found it kind of a romantic idea. Anyway, here I am, making a pregnant fool of myself demonstrating to him. It's just too horrible not to post. I look like a balloon.

So he tries and finally believes me. I'm telling you. Sounds easy. NOT SO.

And my chubby little pregnant face for your viewing pleasure.

Dinner downtown with some of Kris's old buddies.

We rented a car and driving was kinda crazy. But we survived....even had to bump our way out of a parallel parking situation where they sandwiched us in. Never done that before...

Gotta love New York.


josh.sandra.ava.davis.ella said...

seriously...do you guys know how gorgeous you are?? really? love checking in on you and seeing your growing family and all the wonderful things you are doing - not many things make me miss new york city, but this post made me want to jump in our car right this minute to go back for a quick trip!

Kali said...

k these pictures totally capture the moment... I want to be there RIGHT now. And I am sorry but I totally had to laugh out loud at your leaf catching... I like the idea but when I got to the next picture of Kris I couldn't hold it in. too funny, haha. I agree with the last comment... but mostly do YOU know how gorgeous you are??? And if that is chub on your face ... well then you should never loose it. You are stunning... and the best sport for even ENTERTAINING the idea of riding on a bike. haha. Love these posts and like always... the pictures are amazing. I can totally "feel" your experience through them. Anyways, I guess that since you are posting about this no baby yet.

Andrea said...

love this post. u guys always do the most fun things! That picture of you on the bench should be framed. AHH...how wonderful to be married to a prof. photographer! Then again, I'd feel like I always had to have my makeup on! :)

Tara said...

Looks like a great vacation! Love all the beautiful pics!

Cathy said...

You all just made my day. And let me remind you how incredibly gorgeous you all are!! Thanks so much for your comments. I feel very unattractive these days...just huge. So that was a great lift :)

Sandra, domyou have a blog? I tried to respond but it wouldn't let me see your profile. And I should say, one of my highlights of new York was watching you play cosette in les miz, you are unbelievably talented and beautiful. Still singing??

Kali, yes Kris looks hiilarious!!! Kills me. And seriously, your pics are awesome. I love your post processing and have been wondering ifmyou are using a particular action?

Andrea, it used to be daunting because he was always trying to do these photoshoots of me and when you take a million pics so many turn out sick. But I'm over tat now...delete delete delete. Ha.

Tara I ink I sent you an invite to Kris bday thinking you were a mitch we mow out here. Hahaha. You were prob wondering why I was having a bi-coastal party. Hahaha

ramsam said...

lovely as always! I am anxiously awaiting the birth of that next one....

BTW- message me back if you are up to a visit form my hubby. I am sad I wont be there, but he is coming your way next week and could bring greetings from the both of us!

Kali said...

Cathy! So just say the word and I will give you a blog lift ... if you were being serious. If you were just being nice then ... I appreciate that. you were the only one that commented. ha! Anyways, replied to your comment by commenting under but I am pretty sure you have better things to do than read comments on my blog. :) Also, wanted to comment on your question above. No, don't use a particular action... which might just be the death of me since it takes me FOR-EVER to edit pictures sometimes as I can't ever decide. Guess it totally depends on the pic. on how I edit. But I appreciate that! Just tell me the pic and I will try to remember what I used.