Friday, June 13, 2008

Outside the box...but were we ever inside?

The other day we took "family bike ride" pics. Sounds easy, right? Well, imagine trying to capture it.

One way would be standing in the middle of the road with the camera and having them ride past you again and again until you get a good shot. This would take forever and moving images are tricky to catch - not to mention the potential of getting hit by traffic. So naturally Kris came up with another idea.

Oh yes, what you see IS in fact a rope around my waist. I'm pulling him on his longboard and we're going around and around the block, the same speed as the bikes. Hilarious.

And totally worth it.


ramsam said...


Man. sounds like you guys need massages.... wish you were closer, I'd massage you guys and Kris could snap a few pictures of me and my family. If you are ever in Utah let me know- I WANT SOME PICTURES! You guys are amazing.
Sorry about the backs.

I will pass the congrats on to Eric. Fatherhood suits him well, and all of us can't wait for the chaos that ensues with parenthood, which we know WILL hit one day.. hehehehehe... but I mean that in a loving way!

Wendle said...

Oh my gosh! I love it! I can see both of you riding down the road sacrificing limbs for the perfect shot. :)

By the way, I went to the website and I love it too! Great work both of you.

JenJ said...

OK, that is so funny!
Gotta love Kris' creativity!
And your positive attitude and willing heart Cath!

Janelle said...

That is so awesome. You guys are going to live until your 105. Those pictures were so cute.

Kristen said...

you guys are awesome. One of the best matches of the 21st century.