Sunday, June 22, 2008

Funny little Sunbeams

Kris and I teach the Sunbeams (three year olds) at church and every week we are nearly falling out of our seats laughing.

Today's Conversation

Kris: Can anyone tell me how we start off a prayer?
Sunbeam #1: Have you seen the Barbie movie?
Kris: No, I haven't. So, when you are going to pray with your family - we usually start off by saying what? Can anyone tell me? If you can tell me we'll give you a treat (all hands go up to answer).
Sunbeam #2: We saw a black widow spider in the house. Now we can't find it. My Dad said they eat big mom said they don't. They just eat little things like fliiiieeesss (enunciated).
Kris: (Starts laughing) Yes, they just eat little things. Don't worry.
Sunbeam #3: I don't want anyone to smell me this week. But maybe next week.
Kris: (Laughing) Ok, no one will smell you. So when we pray...

In Sharing Time when they don't know the words, they sing anyway, and they sing really, really loud and we're on the front row. Today we had all the teachers and the music director laughing. Cute kids. Zero inhibitions and painfully honest. I love it.


Janelle said...

I love it. I lead the music and primary and I just love the sunbeams. They are the hardest to tame, but they are so cute. I am sure that they all just love you.

ramsam said...

I'm still pres in my ward... do you want to move here and teach for me?


Remeber when Parker was little- he introduced me to his class (that I taught) as his "girlfriend"

I loved it!

JenJ said...

That was Dustin and my first calling...or was it CTR fours? Anyway, there were weeks we came home and fell on the couch from exhaustion and weeks where we just loved it!

Dana said...

Very cute kids and a very fun calling!!!!