Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Trip of a Lifetime"

Kris has been telling all his friends that we're embarking on a "Trip of a Lifetime". He's so cute. And really, it is! Get this...

  • 1 night - Hanging at Allie and Brad's in San Francisco
  • 2 days - Hotel in San Francisco
  • 5 days - Oregon Family Reunion - water skiing, wind surfing, horse-back riding, golfing...
  • 2 days - Mountain Biking in Whistler, Canada (they say it doesn't get better than this)
  • 1 night - B&B in Victoria, Canada and then renting mopeds all over town. Look at how cute this bed and breakfast is! Our room has a fireplace, whirlpool bath, etc. etc. :)
  • 1 night - Camping at a waterfall on Vancouver Island
  • 2 nights - Kayaking out of Telegraph Cove to see the Orca Whales migrating! We're seriously just getting our kayaks, packing up our camping stuff with a compass and nautical map and exploring!! We're going to be camping on the tiny BEAUTIFUL islands along the way. I'm so excited!!!

    1. This all just means I might take a slight hiatus from posting for a week or so. Watch, I say that and I'll be posting every day. Haha. Let's see. Wish us luck. If you don't hear from us within two weeks it probably just means we got eaten by the killer whales or the grizzly bears...j/k.


      Janelle said...

      Wow what a trip. I don't know if I would even dare to do half of the stuff that you guys do. Have fun, which I am sure you will.

      diana said...

      Found your blog via the Pobst blog and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. This trip sounds like fun. We'll miss you around here. See you when you get back!

      Wendle said...

      Oh my gosh! This sounds like a trip that was designed just for the two of you! I'm excited that this is where you are since I don't get to see you. I'm happy to be down here, hanging out with everyone but I'll have to see if I can arrange another trip before the summer is over.

      ramsam said...


      sounds like a blast.... enjoy it!