Tuesday, June 3, 2008


On June 1st we officially achieved SIXTH MONTHS of weddedness!! :) As I've exceeded my allotted amount of sappiness in recent posts I'll simply give you 10 fun reasons why there is no one on this planet like Mr. Kristofer Sundberg.

  1. When Kris is about to do something mischevious he gets a big smile on his face and licks the side of his mouth
  2. Kris likes to touch feet when he sleeps and sometimes when we kiss it makes his mouth tickle
  3. When Kris gets super stressed or anxious - he laughs REALLY hard, unnaturally and slightly psychotic at first...and then it turns into hysterical laughter - at which point I'm either really scared or laughing hysterically too
  4. Kris was brought down to the local police station during college for writing an email to a friend that had the word BOMB in it
  5. Kris is insanely good at Ultimate Frisbee - and had the entire LDS "Ultimate" population in LA combine against us to beat our team in the tournament last year
  6. I've never seen anyone that can keep their cool like Kris - he never yells or even raises his voice (besides the psychotic laughter, naturally)
  7. Kris and his friend Nick invented the sport "Smashpong" - http://www.smashpong.com/ which now has several dedicated enthusiasts
  8. Kris doesn't believe in buying cards and will leave little notes for me on old wrappers, receipts, and paper towels
  9. Kris is an amazing photographer - http://www.photographybytof.blogspot.com/ and drummer
  10. Kris is a hopeless romantic. He loves to love which makes it really fun to be his wife and he literally finds beauty in everything


Janelle said...

Time flies doesn't it. Not surprisingly you are a romantic inspiration to me. I always knew that you loved deeply. You guys will be the type that are honeymooners for your whole life. I need to work on that. For me it is hard to keep romantic love alive, but enough of that. Anyway thanks for being good examples.

Briana Walker said...

Whoo-hoo!!! 6 months. before you know it you'll be blogging 20 years. congrats! i miss you guys. so much is going on and i would love to get together and catch up.

kris&cathy said...

Janelle - Aaaw, thanks!! Well...I will say this much, it's easy to be "honeymooners" when you just got married and aren't chasing kids around a house! HA! I can imagine in a few years we'll be changing diapers more often than taking long walks on the beach ;) But you're right, it's something that takes effort. For everyone. And it's not every day. Prob why they counsel the whole "date a week" thing. Makes sense.

kris&cathy said...


Kris and I were just talking about you. I hear you're getting more and more famous by the second. You're killin me. How about dinner next week? I'll call ya.

ramsam said...

Holy Cow- 6 months! Your blog is so fun- such great photos....I love it. And I must say this- I should be doing laundry now... but no, I am checking out everyone's blogs to see what is new..... I am a dork.

JenJ said...

Congratulations you two!!! I am so happy to know I will be giving you good wishes your whole lives. see you in a few!!