Thursday, August 7, 2008

Limited Vocabulary

I usually love living in Huntington Beach - so many perks, so close to the beach, such perfect weather. We sleep with the window open every night to feel the ocean breeze (and without air conditioning, you just kind of have to!) Unfortunately, I have LOST COUNT of how many times we've been woken up in a DEAD sleep to someone screaming some version or another of the f-word as they walk, skate, drive, or bike by our window.

Waking up two nights ago to some drunk mess of a person wretching outside of my window was the high point.
Classy people, really classy.


diana said...

You're so not alone! I can't tell you how many times I've yelled out the window at the obnoxious people on the street. It doesn't do any good.

Just know we're suffering with you! . . .

diana said...

... So I thought of you last night during the after-midnight fireworks that were going off just outside... and then as the foul-mouthers were hanging out on the sidewalk . . . what is it about that street that's so appealing to loud, obnoxious people?