Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marriage Musts

As if I'm the wise sage at the top of the mountain with the secret of life. Yes, I've been married for only 9 months HOWEVER these have been good for me.

  1. The Kitty - Every month we have an automatic withdrawal from our joint account set to send some money into two separate "kitty" accounts - one for him and one for me. This is just "me" money. So, at the end of the day, he never has to feel irritated about the random things I want to buy at any given moment or a nice dinner out with the girls.
  2. On that note: Girl's night out. Tonight we went for sushi (precooked rolls for prego me). Something about going out and doing your own thing once a week, a day, a month or whenever you get the chance is just good. And I always miss him when I do :)


ramsam said...

Man Cath- I love your posts. I am so happy I can still be a part of your life ( and love that you locked your hubby out)... it's all just real life.

Girls night out is the best .... first it is to appreciate him, and then it evolves and becomes the time you appreciate your kids....good tradition, don't ever give it up.

diana said...

Great advice. Really? Only 9 months? I think you've got this marriage thing down. You guys are too cute. Can't wait for the bump to start showing!

Sislers said...

Love the "kitty" account idea!! I am an advisor for Lia Sophia jewelry and pretty much that's my "me" money...well...as much as I can anyways :D

Janelle said...

Smart ideas, you are wise beyond your married years, I mean months :) I keep thinking we should have a girls night out, but I never really have. Well I guess I have RS activities, does that count?

JenJ said...

I liked this $$ idea when you told me. It would help my hub because he never spends money on himself....I do just fine with that though, no need for separate accounts for my benefit. :)

Christensen's said...

Yes...girls nights...so when are we having a girls WEEKEND!!!