Monday, August 18, 2008


What exactly does an "assistant photographer" do? Well, I help pose the shots and use flashes or reflectors to fill in light when there are shadows. Sometimes I block out light when it's too harsh. I do a lot of talking since I can't help myself. I apologize for my husband when he sticks his foot in his mouth (which happens about once a shoot) e.g.,

Kris: Great pose. You guys look good together.
Guy: That's sick man, she's my niece.

I also carry stuff around, help scout out the locations, help photoshop the pics, and I even act as a second photographer. So I may not have Kris's natural talent but I've taken a few good ones.

All in all, I'm just kind of an intern...again. Even though I already did that in New York City a hundred years ago for John Stossel at ABC News. Somehow, this pic of me holding one flash and wearing three pairs of sunglasses on my head (props) during the shoot reminded me of the good old days with John when he had me go feed his parking meter.


Kris said...

oh honey- you never cease to make me laugh. i love this post!

Christensen's said...

I've gotten real good at standing like a statue while holding the bounce boards at just the right angle. But I have to say, I've learned to keep my mouth shut and let him do his job. Your lucky your opinions are appreciated!!!

JenJ said...

Love the sunglasses!

Sislers said...

Hi, I'm a blog "stalker" :D
I came across your blog through Nikki. I'm her cousins wife. I just wanted to say Congrats on the baby, and I love looking at your cute blog and reading about your awesome trips you take :D
(Hope you don't mind me "stalking" your blog)

Wendle said...

You kinda look like an alien in this picture and I kinda love it!

Dana said...

I love the blog. Very fun and you are such a great writer!@!!!

andreafilio said...

haha, this one is way funny!