Monday, April 27, 2009


Today me and my little buddy go to the GI specialist. I'm really excited actually. Trying to figure all this out on my own has been nerve wrecking and stressful. What about my pediatrician, you say? Yea, his diagnosis was "grumpy baby". He has since been fired and I meet with my new one on May 1st. It'll be good to go armed with info from this specialist today.

My diagnosis? Poor kid is allergic to the milk and soy protein and responds to the allergy with acid reflux symptoms, among others. We shall see.

He is now on hypoallergenic formula. Tastes like rabbit food smells. Seriously. I tasted it a few times. Nursing has all but failed. I was prescribed medicine to get my milk back but it has some pretty wretched side effects AND is secreted through breast milk so I'll talk to the specialist about that too.

Worthless, completely worthless. I waited a month to get into a "specialist" only to have to convince the nurse practitioner that my case was good enough for the Doctor to come in. At one point she even tried to give me the whole "well, you're a new mom paranoia speech" Oh NO you don't!

Little Kristofer was being darling and smiling his little face off too so that didn't help (hahaha) but when the Dr finally came in he was screaming his brains out as I was trying to feed him then making the "reflux" noises after. So finally she tells me, "Sounds like he's refluxing". And I'm like, "YA DONT SAY!" Jeeze. What a waste of time.

So I left with another prescription of Zantac. Thanks. That's two now.

P.S. He's actually doing SOOO much better since he was on milk so I can't help but blame the milk allergy. We are talking SCREAMING all day, diarhea, eating less and less, screaming during sleep, crying when he swallowed, acid smell all over his mouth and my clothes, trouble sleeping, hoarse voice, congestion, it goes on and on. He is 100 times better.

So the lady is telling me to put him on Zantac and I'm like, "Well, if he's allergic to milk, instead of giving him something he's allergic to and then a drug after to fix the allergic about let's NOT give him milk and NOT have to give him drugs. It's not rocket science people. Idiots. The only problem is he still shows some of the signs of refluxing, just minor. He said it peaks at four months. He's doing so well, I really hope it doesn't get worse.

My diagnosis: He has a minor case of acid reflux that is aggrivated by a milk allergy
My plan: Keep on keeping on.


diana said...

Sorry about the pediatrician.

Morph This said...

i don't know what the doctor put you on for milk, but i take a vitamin called fenugreek seed. you can get it at any pharmacy or target. it smells like maple syrup.. so your baby smells like pancakes. it works great too, and its natural.

just a thought.

hope little topher is feeling better soon!

Tara said...

Trust me... babies get easier and easier. The first kid makes you crazy but you make them crazy! At least I did. You can do it!!! Sounds like you have a good plan with the hypo-formula.

Janelle said...

Sometimes dr are not much help. Hopefully if you keep cutting out the milk and taking the medicine it will resolve itself in time. Good luck.

andrea.roche said...

I'm seriously crying for you.
I don't even have anything witty to say.
Hang in there.

Sometimes, when things get tough, I ask myself what Emma would do. It's sort of a sick joke between Trevor and I, but it helps me remember how much WORSE things COULD be.