Monday, April 6, 2009

Hot Yoga or Gross Yoga?

I've never been to a Yoga class. Kris is begging me to go tonight. Trouble is, it's not just yoga it's "hot yoga". Ok, let's do weird body stretches in a REALLY hot room so we all sweat on eachother. I'll be honest, sounds really gross to me but he's begging and if I say no, I'm just being lazy.

Anyone ever done it? I've heard it's disgusting and I've heard it's amazing. Thoughts?

If I do it every day will it take me back to pre-baby body below? Right now I'm sporting all kinds of love handles and if we wanna talk about hot...well, it's super hot. Especially when I try to squeeze into pre-baby clothes.

But if you want to see TRULY HOT yoga, come to my class tonight to witness me in my workout clothes.

So, I will never fit into my wedding dress again...but why would I need to? Ha. In fact, it's for sale. Spread the word :)


Morph This said...

you will love it! (although right after you have a babe and you are full of milk you might not love all the positions).

before i was ever pregnant with emmy, i did it religiously at least three times a week.. normally 5. it gets expensive, and i couldn't afford it. so i struck a deal with the owner.. i cleaned bathrooms for free yoga. it was worth it.

i can not wait until i can go back.. i promise you will more then likely not enjoy your first session. you don't know when it is going to stop, and that is all you can think about. but then when it is all over and you walk out of the room you will have never felt so good and clean. good luck!

ps. yeah its hot and sometimes feels gross. but its worth it when you walk out to the cold air. i'm jealous that you are going.

and do you like that my first comment on your blog is this long?

Christensen's said...

LOVE it! I've been doing Yoga for two months now and at first i HATED it because it is HARD! But the more you do it, the easier it gets and my body has gotten so much stronger and flexible. Brandon and I both do it. As far as hot yoga goes, can't help you there. Even in my cold basement, I sweat a ton, I can't imagine doing it in a hot room. Good luck with it.

StephenOlsonFamily said...

In defense of post baby body... You can definately get it back. You probably already did, since you tend to exagerate. I've had two kids and I wear size 6. (Not a 0 zero like you, but smaller than I was on the mission!) Not only that, but if you keep nursing you'll drop it fast.