Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bloody and Bowed

I surrender
What else do you do when you've been up all night, your baby refuses to eat for NINE hours, and you end up force feeding him out of a syringe while he screams?
He is now on meds.
P.S. FINALLY found an awesome pediatrician, thanks to my friend Julie B. We are going to get the reflux straightened out and then do a process of elimination to see about any allergies.


Christi Pobst said...

Yeah, I'm glad you found someone who you like.

JenJ said...

my friend said it takes 3 weeks to see consistent results with the meds.

Emily said...

I am so sorry.

Nothing stresses a mama out like a child who is all out of sorts, and I would classify a nine hour hunger strike as desperately out of sorts. Poor little man. Poor mama. I'll be sending some good vibes and fervent prayers your way.

Established Feb 2, 2007 said...

You going to DR Bennett? That is Gavin and Peytons pediatrician!

Heather said...

We should talk! I feel like we haven't seen you guys in a long time. I probably wouldn't recognize little Topher. We should exchange cell numbers next time we hang out. Maybe we can play pirates again or another game that doesn't take 4 hours. :) Anyway, I am so sorry! I know how it feels when you just want to surrender. I've been wishing my parents lived closer so I could get more help with Avery. And we'll have to talk meds...Avery has been on Zantac for the last month or so. So, I hope things get better.